If you could put one thing back in Pandora's Box what would it be?


Just what is the one horror of Pandoras box you would be willing to put above all others if given a chance to shove it back in the wretched box that it came from? For me it would be what ever horrid emotion that comes across a persons heart right before they decide to name drop Justin Bieber on a youtube vid.


I can vote on everything, angelpalm. Probably should fix that.


Not on the list…reality TV this includes all ‘z0mg I have talent America false’ shows…but does NOT include re-runs of old Nickelodeon game shows or the Price is Right.

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Yeah reality tv would be at the top for me.


Fat chicks


the beliefs that a man is worthless unless he’s buff or rich, or that a woman is worthless if she has hair anywhere except on the top of her head.


Greed. Then people would only hurt others for survival and love of power and maybe hate. Without greed the support systems that make those people so dangerous would crumble. Without greed, there would be no motivation to help the hateful or those who lust for power and those who are doing it for survival would find no shortage of positive ways to improve their situation.


Embedded pics and videos.


not to shit on your parade, but without greed there wouldn’t be as much advancement either


True, but advancement has hit the wall in my opinion. There is little profit in illness cures, alternate fuel sources or many other things. ISPs would rather charge more for the same shit than upgrade their lines to accomidate more bandwith. I honestly believe that greed has held us back for the last 10 years. There is always more profit in buisness as usual.


Tyler Perry & SFIV





Ayo. You gotta chill with that Million/Kromo hate. I mean, I can kinda understand the Kromo hate, but not my boy Million. lol.

Lil’ rappers gotta get the entire fuck out of the paint, though.


Korean MMOs is the correct answer.


Dane Cook should be on that list.





ghosts/demons. i hope they don’t see me type this.


Brawl and MVC3


shitty fighter 4


Age of consent.