If you could redesign any fighting game

You can make your redesign as crazy as possible and joking around is definitely encouraged. Or you can make a more subtle redesign.

Personally, I think Street Fighter 5 should be more Hip-Hoppish than the previous games. The menus would have graffiti everywhere and most of the soundtrack would be rap beat versions of the character themes, rather than the electronic stuff they used in SF4. I also think Ryu should have a more urban look. Sounds a little crazy, but it would be cool to have Ryu with a white hoodie rather than a gi and headphones around his neck.

I’d like it if SF4 had KoF XIII-style graphics.

Clayfighter series redone like Killer Instinct (Xbone)

I would redesign SFxT The game had so much potential… They should of used a different engine . I would of used the Marvel engine. it suits vs games better. Gems are not bad but there is to many. They should of kept 12 presets and call it a day.

Remove magic chain

Sure there is no tools to make the job easy but it is possible already.

Some games even have tools left in.

You gotta put the work in if you really want to do it. Else, you’re going to make a what if thread that should go in the fan fiction part of the forum.

-Take out crouch cancelling glitch
-Fix Sakura’s crouching hurtbox
-Lower Guard Damage when activating V-ism
-You don’t lose a portion of your Guard Meter if it gets crushed. Guard Meter more akin to CVS2
-Slightly less damage for V-ism combos
-Buff low-tier characters like Mika, Juni, etc.
-Give Rose her cr.mp from A2 again
Other than that, A3 is fine.

Play 3s.

Troll answer:
take Tweleve out of 3S.

Serious answer:
Increase damage and hitbox size of fireballs in 3rd Strike. Change their speed as well. Increase parry stun for projectiles only.

  1. They tried already look at Upper
  2. It’s not that bad sure it looks ugly look a Rugal in 98.
  3. That would cause less damage all around when in that mode
  4. You have to increase guard damage for that work
  5. Look at 3
  6. Too generic of term to answer back.
  7. You know she would have the best normal in the game if you do that. It would make it no other attack could trade with it at all.

Make ssf4 with sfxt speed and 10% damage boost across the board.

What was wrong with Upper? Other than PSP of course

There was more than the Psp release of Upper it came to arcades as well.

For SFxT they should’ve used more imagination for individual gems. Like they should’ve model them after gameplay aspects from capcom and namco games, for example a capcom gem could be the ability to parry then another one could be airblock gem. A Namco gem could be like a run gem or rage gem…

System changes:

+Increase meter limit to four.

+Introduce assists. MvC2 style. Depending on which assist you pick,
the characters hyper in the Double Hyper changes. So does the Crossover Counter.

+MvC1 assists but you're stuck with the character's original super.
Unlimited uses too.

+Introduce DHCs. Can use up to three bars.

+Specials cancellable into Hypers. MvC2 style.

+Enable Turbo 2 and 3.

-HUGE damage scaling. 10 hits enters maximum scaling.
Normals do 1 damage.
Specials do 2, each hit.
Hypers do 1 for each hit (depending on character).
Intent: Promote resets.

-Fix Double Hypers so that they work like in MSHvSF.
Meaning: Punishable characters.

I guess that’s all I would want to do… Except add more characters and balance them. Also tweak the assists’ move properties.

I wonder… Oh if this existed for Capcom fighters…

They usually take out the tools or make it in way where you can’t use them ,but yeah some games have them.

Bad cps3 emulation so wrote a script to display the hitboxes.

Add Throw Breaks and true Tick Throws to Real Bout Fatal Fury 2.


Make Blood back to his RBS version plz

3rd Strike:
-it’s kinda dumb that some moves can be reversal super’d on hit, like Ryu’s stand far mk
-I don’t like how charge moves come out when I try to tech throw. so for example if I’m playing Urien and I’m holding down back, then I see walk up throw so I hit forward + lp/lk I get light tackle instead of throw tech.
-I’d like Ken’s EX fireball to be safe in the corner on block.
-remove Twelve from the game

Ok, but we also need RBS Tung too!