If you could remake the world for a price

That price being that you had to suffer and equal amount of torment for all the changes you would inflict on to this world, would you make that sacrifice?

A quick example would be if you wanted world peace but the cost would be that you would be the only one who would burn eternally in your own personal hell and everyone that remembered you cursed your name, even your closest loved ones? Of course they would live forever in some semi-biblical paradise and never know regret. Could you do that? Would you do that?

On my 4th High Gravity so you’re just gonna have to eat any spelling errors partners.

That price being that you had to suffer and equal amount of torment for all the changes you would inflict on to this world

How the fuck do I calculate that?

Like what if I wanted to remake the world so I would be the dictator? What’s the price for that?

What about if I wanted to remake the world so that every bitch have to fuck me whenever I wanted. What’s the price for that?

Well then guess what, you wouldn’t be able to do that in this scenaro brahbrah. No bullshit, I AM THE RULER AND THE BESTEST OF ALL or any of that shit. The whole world can reap the benefits except YOU. Would you do that? How far would you go? Maybe just cure all disease at the price of dying the most painful, cancer ridden death possible?

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So if I chose to make the world a giant shithole where everyone suffers through war, famine, disease etc etc. I would be living the good life?

How would you be changing anything?


I would be living the good life.

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No nukka, the point of the thread(I think) is that you are giving a chance to sacrifice something of value to you or whatever to improve the situation of others, there is no reverse polarity switch to this shit Winston.

ok to improve the world, what would it cost to have a giant ass commet crash into the US, exit out of China and leave the world in pieces? ill take that and a large milkshake strawberry or rasberry to go please.

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Fuck no. Do I look like Jesus? Why the fuck would I want to die for everybody’s sins just so they can live in paradise while I suffer? I mean even Jesus got to ascend into heaven after dying on the cross. In this shitty scenario, there is no such payoff.

Now, if my kid were dying of cancer, and I could magically “take” his cancer from him, so that I’d die of cancer instead of my child, I’d do it. But for a bunch of ungrateful strangers and jag offs? Hell no.


OK, I’m not gonna lie, that made me crack up. I guess even the worst posters on the forum can contribute comedy gold from time to time. Sorry specs, nothing personal, but that was a hilarious flame.

A month or two maybe longer:

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of no sound so pablo would have darude’s sandstorm play as his personal theme music anywhere he went
without talking so weeks and finalrush would have people to talk to in whatever redneckass town they’re in
without movies so pg could have unlimited resources for his company
without srk so libster could find the courage to tell his wife he’s kind of bi
without videogames so carpet lint could find a half white half asian girl who is only dates asians from srk

Okay so niggas don’t wanna play Jesus, I guess the only way dudes would make any kind of sacrifice for the entirety of humanity is if they got something out of it huh?

Of course it makes you wonder were we would be if it weren’t for those people that did do just that even if it was just their time and success. Someone like Tesla who died broke and alone, who gave so much to our current generation could be considered along the lines of what I was thinking, just not as extreme I suppose. Seems like the world is filled with a bunch of Edisons instead.

i was thinking about something like this yesterday. like say god/flying spaghetti monster said either you die or everyone else dies? i think i would sacrifice myself, because i don’t think i could live with myself after making a choice like that.

while thats not exactly the question you’re asking, its somewhat similar.
but yeah at this point in my life i think i could see myself pulling a jesus given the opportunity.

i could be jesus?!

i would have people unable to speak a word for a month

and make karma real

i would accept the punishment of a paper cut

Sacrifice myself for others? Small price to pay imo. I have already made sacrifices for others and I don’t regret it.


nah, I wouldn’t do it.

I still wouldn’t sacrifice myself. At least for awhile, I’d enjoy having this entire world to myself… I’d see that as a very good thing. The only ones I would miss are those I know and care for personally anyway. That’s the only real “sacrifice” in this scenario. Good riddance to the rest of this embarrassing, pitiful species disappearing forever.