If you could take one thing from Akuma



such as a special move of his and instead give him more stamina, what would you take away?

For me, it would probably be his Shakunetsu Hadoken. Because for me, it seems like this move is the one that can be too much of a liability more times than not and is not really necessary to consistent winning or high level play. What would you take from Akuma to get his stamina up to 900?


Dunno if I could take anything away from him, but I really wish his super and ultra weren’t both demons. I would love for the super to be a fireball similar to Ryu’s, for the amount of meter it uses his super is pretty rubbish.


I disagree. I used to think his Super sucked but now I am seeing the light. It’s basically a 300 damage command throw and lends itself to a bunch of cool mixups – like the HK air crossup tatsu/LK air non-crossup tatsu -> Super mixup.

On topic, I don’t think I would take any of his tools away just to get another 50 stamina…


The only thing I would take is his super Raging Demon and replace it with the move Kongo Kokuretsu Zan and leave his Ultra Raging Demon…2 Raging Demon doesn’t equal great…in my opinio


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I’d take away his taunt or far standing lk


The reason I said 900 is because if you gave Akuma an extra 100 in stamina (to put him at 950), that would really make him a little unfair to play with (imho). My point was just, what would part of his game would you sacrifice to get more stamina.

Thanks, glad to see someone else that agrees with this thread. :pleased:


I’d take his MK Tatsu.

Btw, I’d bet pherai was being sarcastic.


Think I might have said this somewhere else as well…

Take away Ultra Demon for 3S :d::d::d::3p: Kongou Kokuretsuzan!!!


Is there a time he isn’t? :rofl:


Definitely his Super, it’s so retarded to have 2 different raging demons that are basically equally hard to land and do different damage. Either Shinku Gouhadouken or KKZ, hell even Gorasen Upward kicking super would be better than RD super, cause then at least you could hit confirm it or combo it.
I love to jump in tatsu-Gorasen because it looks so sexy.

I would TAKE AWAY 50 HP for something else.

But If I had to take away a special move to gain 50 hp I would probably take away EX tatsu, it’s really not all that good and really only useful to delay in the air.


I would gladly trade his alt costume for more health.

Eh his super and ultra are different. You are more likely to land a super than an Ultra, but then again you are less likely to get a super thanks to his EX abilities being useful.


I forgot about EX demon flip, that shit is pretty worthless too. or even demon flip punch


Please tell me you are being sarcastic…


Its been said but I would take away his Super. I would like it to be either just a powered fireball or maybe just a straight up uppercut with a bunch o hits like that one Ken super in 3rd Strike.


If any EX move is useless, it’s the EX Shoryuken. But yeah, I’d take away the taunt or LK Far.


Oh man, this is a winner. I’d take away anything just to change that pretzel outfit for something that matches his awesomeness. I wish he had the ripped kimono like Ryu or the pimp one from Ken.

And people need to stop complaining about his super. First, Akuma is a character that you can get a lot from with EX moves, so I’d never recomend sitting with a full bar, like most characters. Second, all characters’ (not so sure on this one though) supers are the same as their ultra, so Akuma is really in a good place here, compared to the rest of the cast. On the super itself, sure, it’s not like Ryu’s shinkuu hadouken, which is by far the best in the game, but it has it’s uses. Unlike the ultra, if you do it from close range it’s unavoidable, meaning even if the opponent tries to jump, teleport, counter, etc he’s gonna get hit. Also, it can be truly kara’d into, giving it the biggest throw range. Anyway, I rarely have the chance to use his super, so I don’t find it to be a problem.

Someone needs to show the true potential of his super.


Anyone who can consistently Tsujinrai Demon will be unstoppable (karaing Super demon off of Roundhouse Far which gives it SPD-like range). I just overhead kara it when my opponent is waking up.


I wouldn’t change anything. Akuma is extremely balanced. Nothing is particularly easy for him but everything is good and has a purpose.


I honestly wouldn’t take any EX moves away. Each of them have their uses.

EX.SRK has insane invincibility which is great for when you just need a few more hits for chip damage.

EX.Flip is one of the few moves that can punish at full screen if used properly.

Ex.Fireball no introduction needed

The only EX move that I might even be close to giving up is the EX.Shaku just because it is the only one I don’t use on a regular basis. Even then it can still be useful.


This, no question whatsoever.