If you could turn one SRK poster into a chick, which one would you plow?

This is really a difficult question for me, so I’m going to break my rule and pick a couple

Quiche - after a nose job so that he/she could be the perfect jewish princess

Sep - I would roger her roughly from behind while using incorrect grammar and be all WHAT THE FUCK YOU GONNA DO BOUT IT NOW

Million - jesus christ, just jesus christ

This thread is going to be miraculous.

Out of your choices, Sep might be the best way to go b/c then he’d be an asian chick. Asian chicks are hawt.

/yellow fever

Oh no you didnt bole

Would she still have the SUPPA mustache?

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

DS. He’s a bitch anyway. Might as well give him the vagina to go with it.

Let’s rape some SRK niggas that we call girls=thread

Boel is first because he has free money and if he was a girl he’d look like Ol Dirty Bastard and Santa Claus.

Seriously imo.

Million is an excellent suggestion…he would know how to move

Goodmourning is another one, I want to shag him while he is speaking all those intellectual things

oh shit…no homo??

Azreal just because I could say I’ve done a black chick and make him jealous at the same time.

i have a feeling from all his stories, he’d turn the tides on you and you’d be stuck in this sex romp that would last for days…and u may just die.

Bust out that Mortal Kombat CD and she’s all yours bro

I don’t know if these people should be honoured or worried?!

In Dutch, the word boel has a special meaning. To boel someone implies you’re fucking another man in his ass. Someone who boels is also referred to as a “boeler”, which is slang for homosexual.

Is this thread, along with your name change a coincidence? :smiley:

I’m gonna go with Mizuki. He’s so close to trap status as it stands that he’d make a hotter chick than most of the chicks on SRK.

Fecalpenance (for lols)