If you download the EVO DVD don't forget to PAY FOR IT

Okay, so I’m 20% through the download of the EVO DVD, and then I realized that Ponder posted something in the “Where is the EVO DVD?” thread that nobody is going to see, because he then closed it like a knucklehead.

The Cannons are asking that everyone who download the DVD PLEASE donate $10 to help with the cost of production. Remember, even though the DVD isn’t in pretty packaging, it still took these guys the cost to rent the camera equipment/capture all the matches, and THEN encode everything into and nice, well-produced DVD.

As skeptical as I am about people downloading on an “honor system” and then donating, especially since this wasn’t even mentioned until over 180 people had already started downloading, I think it’s a good idea. If you’ve followed me through the years, you’ll know that even though the Cannons and I haven’t seen eye to eye on everything, I do appreciate everything they do to try to keep the Street Fighter scene alive. That’s why I’m a premium member and I’ve actually paid for others to become premium members too…the money goes to maintaining this site, production costs, and to help kick-ass tournaments like EVO run even smoother.

If you don’t believe that these guys spend a lot of time and money on us, you are CRAZY. I know firsthand how much sacrifice it takes to get something going in a gaming community where absolutely NOBODY will back you up…shit, I got FIRED because I was getting supplies for ECC last week. I alone have already dropped over $1200 of my own money for supplies for ECC, and I probably will not get fully reimbursed for it, and I DEFINITELY won’t get reimbursed for the fact I’m unemployed right now! Now multiply ECC times 10, and you have the size of the headache the Cannons/Mr. Wizard and the rest of the SRK staff have to put up with every year at EVO…

Do the Street Fighter community a favor, and if you can, DONATE!

http://shoryuken.com/?page_id=65 for all your donating needs.


i ll pay the $10 when i register

Donated already. Will again for the ST dvd.

i’ll be adding money into my paypal account to donate later.

Is there an option for us non-PayPal people?

I just donated. But it sucks that these are going to take a good amount of time to download

That’s true. Where are all the seeders? I’ve only got about 20% done. If ya’ll really care about the community, DONATE and SEED, people.

theres only 1 seed…

and thats ponder.

no one has gotten a complete dl yet.

Shit I completely forgot about that. Ponder has the complete one. If you ever see a guy with pink hair, I’ll give you permission to slap the stupidity out of me.

Just wanted to thank the Cannons for doing this for the community. I think it is a very bold move on their part, seeing as how much they would have charged for the DVDs. I will absolutely donate the money because I think it is a ballsy move on their part and I probably would not have paid the money for the DVDs, unless it was 3s only for like 15 bucks.

Anyways, please don’t let any whiners or cheap asses discourage you guys. Anybody who can’t wait a few hours for the file to finish obviously hasn’t been waiting 8 months for the DVDs to become available. And 10 bucks is a small price to pay for a fantastic idea. And even if you don’t want to donate, the least you can do is shut up about it because being too cheap to donate $10 to an organization that helps the community you care about is not something to be proud of.

Gootecks, i agree. It’s the people here that we should be thankful for (not that we dont already) keeping the scene alive. Because of them, we’re able to come together strong and challange others at EVO ( and eventually kick japans ass one day??) Not only that, where else can we get mad tips on spending a good earned $5 bucks on food and suggestions/advice on breakfast and all of the above. we all have to agree we have good times and have met good friends at these events. correct me if I’m wrong

yep, it’s a proper bold move that confirms (as if it were needed) how much faith the staff have in the community, and how (dare I say it) altruistic they are.

I hope one day Toyota make all you guys rich!

Now I just have to free up 4 gigs on this bloody laptop… sigh goodbye, South Park, goodbye movies… goodbye University coursework and exams…

Donated already :tup:

I will most definately donate! Can I donate twice?

You may pay as many times as you like. :clap:

Technically, we’re not asking for donations. We’re charging $10 per DVD and putting you on the honor system to pay for your download. The distinction is significant: if you download but don’t pay, you’re stealing the DVD from us, not simply “choosing not to donate”.

For reasons i’d rather not get into, paypal isn’t an option for me. Is there another method for donating?

I’d like some other option for donating as well. Oh, and perhaps some DVD covers be too much to ask? I remember in EVO 2002 DVD the high quality cards hidden in the disc that you could print and everything, that was awesome.

Already donated, and will definitely seed. Many thanks, SRK, many thanks.

BTW, you guys mentioned that you may make past footage available. I sincerely hope this is true, and will most certainly pay for it!

Thanks again,


Hahah… I love how you guys respect Ponder’s remarks… it’s not donations… it’s simply payment. Still, props goes to SRK and all involved for trusting the SF (and gaming) community to pay up for something that we could easily jack.

That being said, I’ll pay when I have the cash… it’ll be a month or two haha…

Sent my $10 :tup: Nice way of doing it really.