If you guys want a CVS2:OE, tell Iron Galaxy!


Go there and fill their inbox with requests for a CvS2:OE. They will forward it to Capcom, and that will increase our chances for getting it.

Don’t be lazy, it’ll take only a minute!


I’m kinda’ meh over it considering IG’s history with the other titles and Capcom’s usual fuckery.

I’m glad that 3SOE is getting patched and fixes most of the glaringly obvious bugs and adds some common sense features but why the fuck did it take 2 years to happen?

Heard the Marvel titles had speed issues and how hard would it have been to implement 4 player MVC1? You could do that on Kaillera back in the day.

I don’t condemn a CVS2:OE by Iron Galaxy but at the same time I’m far from hype.


Honestly though, who cares about MvC1? Marvel: Origins was overall a terrible idea to release in the place of CvS2, and I’m not surprised it did poorly in sales. It should have been obvious it wouldn’t sell. MvC2 is a MUCH better game by such a huge margin, and it was already available.

3s:OE is a good port, and will be even better once the patch hits. I really have no complaints for it, as the differences are very small, and do not impact the actual game that much (except for the audio bugs that mess up my hit confirms).

As for CvS2:OE, I think IG should definitely get on it. We haven’t had a proper way to play CvS2 online since Xbox, but even then it wasn’t proper by a long shot.

Please give them a chance, they are better than us NOT having a decent online version, and from how they did on 3sOE, it looks like they really try hard to please the OG crowd, even though they might have messed up some minor things.


You are wrong. You are so wrong you have no idea how wrong you are.


Cool, wanna play me and show me how much I don’t know about 3s?



Condiering all the love SRK supposedly shows for CVS2 I don’t know if this thread will blow up or be more deserted than the comic book forum.

AE/UMVC era players clamor for classic and/or new game…then doesn’t buy :rofl:


I hope it does blow up.

I think the era you mentioned are discouraged too easily. The SF games they are growing up with give them such a high with such little effort, but when they play a true OG game and can’t instantly stop being bodied by the “basics” haha they have learned, they stop playing.

True warriors are hard to come by, especially when the money incentive for the new era of games is so high.

Love of money easily outweighs competitive drive in today’s world.


Sometimes I really hate Eventhubs.




Awesome! Please let all your True Warrior friends know!


What did Eventhubs do?


As long as the online is good an the game plays the same as the arcade,PC,or PS2 version then I’m good now time to fill that thing out.


Agreed. Don’t mess with RCs or timings, and don’t give us Ex-Groove or Easy Operations lol.

Just Online is all we need!


I just want a reliable port on a current gen system. The best options now are DC/PS2, but none of the scene around here even has sticks for those now. I could get people to play/practice easily if it was available for x360/ps3. We’ve tried emulators, but none of them work quite right.

I miss cvs2 :confused:


Best emu version I’ve played so far is w/ NullDC. Only a few graphic hiccups every now and then. Sound kinda skips when you get a KO, but that’s about it.


are we ever gonna get the YT sharing 3SOE has on MvCO? otherwise whats the point of saving replys


“I want a port of game let’s send messages to a company that doesn’t have the rights to either property to make it happen” the thread.


I’ve contacted IG and they have said our requests get forward to Capcom.


I’m sorry, but IG completely fucked up the YT uploading. Given that you can get at max 360p quality (on PS3, on X-Box you have to upload to a dedicated channel and it allows 240p max) you can’t even get a decent video.

What they should have done is the following:

  • Enter the YouTube credentials the first time you want to upload. Console authenticates with YouTube via OAuth and stores credentials and/or access token linked to your account on the console for future uploads.
  • Default title for video to be uploaded is “<gamertag1> [<character1>] vs. <gamertag2> [<character2>] <date & time> <platform>”. This is the default, but give user the option to override if they want.
  • Give user option of quality of video to upload. Understand the user is cognisant of the fact that it will take longer for higher quality videos (to render on the machine and to upload). Store the last choice and make it the default.
  • Allow user to upload with one button assuming defaults.

And then the video would render and upload (while you wait a gajillion years to transcode).

If IG really wanted to make it godlike, then they would make it even better by setting up a server to do the rendering and transcoding. Basically, all the steps would be the same as the above. The server would act on your behalf, but instead of having your machine perform the rendering and transcoding, the console would send the match state to the server which would then render and transcode and upload the video on your behalf (think of it like how you see replays instantly on AE, you aren’t downloading video, you download the match states and the engine replays it).

The upload would be quick, and they’d have beefy servers which could handle the rendering and transcoding much better than your console could.

Once the video is uploaded, it sends a message back to your account indicating its done along with a link.

The latter would require a bit of money on IG’s part, and be costly to maintain, but given infinite resources, that’s what I envision the ideal way for it to be done with current-gen console technology.


It’s more than just Capcom.