If you had a 3D Printer, what would you make/print?


I keep going back and forth on getting one, its an investment, and while doing it, I started thinking ‘well what would I actually make with it’. It got me wondering what other people would print up if they could. so, what would YOU print if you had a 3D printer?

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Arcade stick cases.


A wife.


I’d try to buy parts for a DIY emulator handheld with SIX buttons (because they don’t exist except for the old Genesis Nomad and cheap Genesis emulators), then print the custom casing to put the guts into.

And basically everything they sell at 99 cent stores. Imagine all your holiday shopping amounts to bringing home a bag of plastic sand. Interesting times we live in.


Patents are supposed to wear off that are going to make 3d printers cheaper next year. I’ll try to remember to link the article when i remember where i found it.

I was thinking about it. Id start with easy stuff, but a plastic glove with full articulation would be the first big project. It’s not practical, butt it’s the first step to an iron man suit :tup:


“Z0mg, Unreall won Evo using a Power Glove for the PS3 instead of a joystick” haha that would be classic. Though that does lead me to cosplay which I’ve been thinking about lately :head nods at idea:.

So a case for a Rasberry Pi that has buttons…pretty much the old school gameboy…with the genesis 6 button layout?

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I already thought about those internet sex toys that are like USB vaginas. True Story, M$ doesn’t think vaginas is a word haha. I wonder how hard a fleshlight would be to make shrug. I’d need ot have one already to scan.

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I dunno. There is a hardness and weight you want with an arcade stick that I’m not sure could be easily duplicated with a 3D printer. I wish you could 3D print acrylic/clear though. That would be my dream.

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I’ve never held anything made by one, so I have no idea how heavy it would be.
Not going to lie… I like my SFAC stick because of the weight alone… The TE feels flimsy as fuck to me.


I’m working on it. :coffee:


Manx confirmed as real life Krieger-san


Has noone said ‘Assault Rifle’ because it’s too sad, or because you’re all Americans and can buy these at Walmart anyways?


3D printed guns are unreliable - I’ve actually been following the trend. Most of them are good for a single shot, after that, they are spent. Something to be said for accuracy also.

I also don’t like guns (shrug)…so its not on my list of things I’d print.

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Aside from a future wifu, I think it’d be cool to print out a bunch of car parts and paint them different interchangeable colors so when I go out I match my car like a pimp.

This technology needs to go towards nano-scale construction, where we’re bonding atoms together to build molecules and constructing whatever we want. Build a damn house out of diamond if you want. The Diamond Age. A good representation of what a society capable of doing that would look like can be found in the book of the same name. In reality, I think that corporations would no longer sell products, but rather ideas and information. The absolute richest individuals would have 100% naturally-derived materials, the bastards. Just like in the book.


First of all, I’d get a 3D food printer.

With that, I’ll start making cheese and chocolate figures of all sorts of shit. For example, I’ll create a cheese diorama of Ryu giving Sagat an RK to the chest. It’ll be a hit at parties and delicious.


Ooh… make the chest scar… out of bacon! :tup:


I’d print more 3D printers, and with those I’d print more 3D printers. I’ll call it “The Fractal Printing Press.”


You need Sagat doing a c.FP

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CvS2 Sagat C.FP…
Talking about cheese…


I remember when I used to troll people online winning with just that one button.


…can one create a 3D printer using a 3D printer???


Pieces for a physical version of Phantasy Star Online Episode 3, it always confused me that Sega never made any real shit for that considering that it’s a card game and all.