If you had/have a wife would you cheat on her if

there was absolutely no way you’d get caught??

say you’re in a bar out of town and you’re approached by woman you’re instantly attracted to, you chat for 20 mins and she invites you to her place, would you cheat if you were 100% certain you’d get away with it?

Absolutely not.

Is this a Russian bar, because she’ll probably rape you, and that doesn’t count as cheating unless you are from Iran or somewhere like that.

well, in this crazy hypothetical I would actually have a wife. so of course I’d cheat. call her up and tell her about it too, hope she tells me about hers

Fuck no. If you have it in you to cheat, you’re not in love. And if your heart works, that guilt would kill you.

Can’t believe this is a question.
It’s essentially the same as: If you could always steal anything and get away with it, would you?
And again, applies for all (insert statement) + (get away with it free) = (???profit)

My answer is why get married if you’re knowingly going to cheat?

I say no, but put in the wrong situations enough and it will happen eventually.

But as far as just randomly no.


If you’re willing to cheat then you probably shouldn’t be married in the first place, regardless of the situation.


The entire point of fidelity is that you are deserving of your significant other’s trust. It does not matter whether or not you get caught, because you have still betrayed the person closest to you.

Who the fuck would I be to put half of my assets on the line to get married and then go cheat?

That’s dumbassery at its finest…

Even if you could get away with it guilt would eat at you.

There is no way anybody would think about doing this if the oppurtunity came up in there face.

and yet haven’t the statistics remained right around 50% of people have cheat on their spouse?

the only amount of common sense i expect to find in this thread

edit: actually maybe it should be called uncommon sense

I’ve never heard that before. So infidelity rates rival divorce rates? All that sneaking around, and virtually no commercial ways to capitalize on it.

Most people shouldn’t get married. Even fewer ought to have kids. I don’t believe all humans have the capacity to love (as I perceive love, which isn’t pragmatic, and is spiritual).

I don’t have problems with guilt, but, just the slackness of sticking your…well…into someone else’s…well, and then going to do the same thing to someone else like that.

You’re the worst kind of person.

I’m curious to see if this is going to turn into a debate not unlike the prostitution issue.

no i would not. i’m not sure i could be faithful at this point and i’m not entirely convinced humans were meant to be monogamous. however, i’ve always broke up with girls i was seeing first, because cheating is pretty fucking shitty. it means you want out of your relationship, so be honest to yourself, be respectful to your significant other, and end that relationship first.

so i’m not entirely sure i’d be married in the first place, because i’m honest enough to admit i would have a hard time spending THE REST OF MY ENTIRE FUCKING LIFE WITH ONE PERSON. so if a situation arose where i’d want to cheat, i’d take a long hard look at the marriage, and file for divorce if the marriage really was a failure. obviously i’d get a pre-nup first.

See, I’m wondering if people’s answer would change if this other person was THE hottest celeb or porn star they’ve always jerked off to or generally fantasized about. Let’s say your #1 is Halle, or Salma Hayek, Nina Dobrev, Prime Jennifer Lopez, Tamia, Nicole Scherzinger, early 90s Heather Locklear, Mariska Hargitay, or whatever else floats your boat… assume THAT legendary, super-elite piece of ass is the potential “other woman” here…

“Come on…when are you ever going to have this opportunity again?” <— that’s going to be the question that your penis asks you.

heh, I think the game starts to change up quite a bit when you turn up the level of temptation, and bring your ultimate, Legendary Sexpot into the equation. Haha, of course it’s not fair.

Of course the answer is clear for me in this case…(in this extremely bizarre Wackyland Twilight Zone where I somehow got married)… once we’re talking about any of the women from my Magnificent 5™ rankings, that’s a done deal right there. I would never be able to resist that level of temptation.