If you had/have a wife would you cheat on her if

lol, i’m quoting this in the first post. who exactly are your Magnificent 5™?

Of course it occasionally changes up… the #5 spot became Hayden as of a few months ago, so now it’s Halle, Beyonce, Nina Dobrev, Morena Baccarin, Hayden Panettiere. There’s another one currently in consideration for taking a spot very soon, so #4 and #5 are subject to change as a result. Heh, it’s actually a bit of a challenge to maintain a regular top-rank list like that, since there’s so many unbelievably gorgeous women that are famous and worth fantasizing about. Others that have potential to ascend… I refer to them as “Satellites” or “Gold Rank satellites”.

Oh, and of course even the former M5™ goddesses would be incredibly tempting for me…for example, Alyssa Milano… she was the legendary #1 that preceded Halle Berry(!), going way back in the day of course. I’d still like to pounce on that immediately. Tamala Jones was another one… she’s a former #3.

men don’t cheat…we just like variety in our sex lives. its programming. when a man has sex with women other than his wife/gf, its not necessarily because she isn’t providing…its just because we’re wired to spread our seed as much as possible. our wife could look like JLo and fuck like a pornstar, we’d still desire sexual variety.
women cheat. they’re not wired like us, so when they have sex with another man, they’re doing it because they’re not satisfied or for vindictive reasons. thats dishonest, and therefore constitutes ‘cheating’.
So to the OP, yes i would, especially if i knew i wouldn’t get caught, and since men dont cheat anyway.

and btw, y’all are soft in here…THE WHOLE LOT A YA.


If this was my wife…and this chick wanted to take an all night voyage on my star-ship coal sausage…I would probably think differently.

if you want to bring up the evolutionary reasons for cheating, then the ideal situation for a woman would be to be impregnated by an alpha male (her boss), and then have it raised by her beta male husband who thinks its his own kid. this shows up often in other animal species, such as birds. so gtfo with that “theres no such thing as cheating if you are a man”. if anything, that should just be “monogamy doesn’t make sense”

y’all is ugly, yo wives will be ugly, stop frontin.


if you mean as a whole, I’d have nothing to say. but if you mean it to apply to every woman in every instance… lolz. who you think the guys are cheating with? the girls out there playing fucking dangalang roulette, that’s who

No, and anyone who would is a complete dick. Don’t get married if you’re not gonna stay faithful, end of discussion.

I don’t really know. During the honeymoon period of the marriage the answer would probably be no as at that point in time I’d be content.

After years pass the reasons for me wanting to stay faithful could increase or decrease whilst the reasons for me wanting to explore other options would most definitely increase.

Ok, I’m going to make a few enemies here but I’m used to that. Let me first say, anyone who is not married has no basis of reference. Anyone who is in a long term relationship that has lasted more than a couple years MAY have a slight frame of reference, but being married is different. Don’t ask me why, it just is.

Anyone who said any broad sweeping statement like “If you cheat, you don’t love your partner” is wrong. Love and sex may be entwined in a marriage, it does not mean they are reliant on each other. I love my wife, that’s a fact. It’s not something I can control really, it’s just who I am. However, my sex drive is not reliant on my heart to work. It is fully possible for me to fuck another woman without losing any love for my wife. Does it show an insane amount of disrespect for that love? Most likely, but it does not in any deter how I feel.

Shit happens sometimes. Relationships hit tough spots and bad shit can come of it. It is then then the job of the people in it to decide if its worth keeping or not.

Now on to the question - I’m going to say no. Not because I buy into the idea that you can’t cheat if you love your partner, it’s just I’m really bad with people I don’t know. I couldn’t fuck a stranger, it’s just not in my personality to do it. I tried when I was single and it was just a mess. I’m better with people I know. Now if it were some hot woman I know and there’s no way my wife would find out? Who knows…I could answer either way and I don’t think it would truly encapsulate the situation. But yes, I would.

The long answer is no.

I’d ask if my (hypothetical) wife could join in on the fun.

Nah wouldn’t want my wife do hurt me like that.So I wouldn’t

yo real talk i’d probably cheat on Laura Dore with Kirsten Dunst.

fight me


the shit you see in GD now, lmao


a lot of what we’re taught about love is bullshit anyway. two very common bullshit ass answers right off the top of my head: when you get a boy/girl friend be nice and love (fairy tale love) is rare

be nice: apparently either this statement was left unfinished on purpose as some sort of sick joke or the person saying it died of a heart attack mid-sentence. the full statement should be “be nice, but don’t let anyone shit on you”. you do what you can for them and they end up seeing someone else anyway. and then you’re like WAT, I GAVE U EVERYTHING, HOW KEN U DO DIS 2 ME. they do it not cause there’s some group of manipulative people in the world called cheaters and they get off on screwing you, they do it because it’s convenient and you’re fucking boring. if they don’t cheat on you then they break up with you as soon as they find someone who isn’t boring. you probably could’ve kept them if you didn’t bore them to death. I don’t wanna say to be mean, but I think that if they feel like they might be stepping on a landmine you’re doing something good

love is rare: it’s not. it’s just not easy to find in America cause we’re not fearing for our lives every day. in America you will not meet some bitch/bastard, hook up, find you “have something special together”, and decide you love each other no matter what. you can’t and you won’t. that’s because there’s so little to be afraid of. when it’s convenient for you you can just say fuck off bitch and live the rest of your life out. but if you and your girlfriend needed each other in order to survive through some kind of insane ass chaotic world, even if she “wasn’t your type” or whatever bullshit excuse people wanna give today, you wouldn’t do that to her because you can’t. too much to fear. you’re scared out of your mind and you need her. she is too, and needs you. and because of that you’ll tongue kiss like horny teenagers and fuck like you have the last set of reproductive organs on earth

Street fighter related: No
Answer: No

i ‘liked’ your post just so i could ‘unlike’ it.

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