If you had Super Powers?

If you can choose 1 person’s abilities, tech, magic or super powers from a Fighting Game, who would you Choose?

And it does not have to be a current fighting game, just a fighting game.

Thinking about it pretty hard, I got to go with Ragna the Blood Edge from BlazBlue

Those are some strict limitations. Fuck this thread.


What about novels/comics and shit like that? Those are the ones usually with the most bat shit insane ideas. Powers strong enough to blow up the fucking planet…

Or are you talking about simple powers? IE: Flying and shit…

How about some UNFLY powers?


That is 1 person from what amounts to half of all Capcom, Namco, Nintendo, Marvel, DC, SNK, and Shonen Jump; all the main protagonist from Final Fantasy and every one from FF7, and some Sega and Konami characters too boot. And you still find that restrictive?

Well if you put it that way it’s obvious that you missed the point of my post. This is an internet age old question that’s been asked and answered before countless times and of all thread for you to make, you decided to throw this one into such a nerd culturally experienced forums? The only thing that is restrictive is your own assumptions that this is a “thinking person’s” thread.


It supposed to be something to have fun with, but what ever.

I wish I had the ablilty to snapback you all the way to your mother’s ovaries…

I would choose RoninChaos.

He is too powerful against you.

I heard Chinndogg has the power to make everyone want to quit life.

I’m not sure if it’s true or not, but that’s the word on the street, and we all know how legit word on the street is.

What’s that saying?

Word is bond or some shit like that. I wouldn’t know I’m from the west coast we don’t say that shit, but you know…

I’d want the power…TO RENT EM SPOONS!!!

Zaaa wooooruuuuudoooo!!

I want the power to make Cammy splooge into my bowl of Cocoa Puffs, the best cereal on the planet.

If anyone’s got a tier of cereals that says otherwise, I will ignore the original premise of this thread to listen to it.

Why are you such a fucking ******?

Fruity Pebbles (Before they get soggy)
Captain Crunch
Cocoa Puffs.

In that order.

Your order is stupid and would not mix-and-match with the splooge of a female Shadaloo assassin.

May Guile’s theme go with the imminent moment of your demise.


Cinnamon Toast Crunch Crunch is that shit nigga…

Sirlin doesn’t know the [media=youtube]mFEjlZ598e0&#t=1m"[/media] behind it…

Women splooge?

Well since we are going there I definitely would have all the rape powers of the whole cast of Super Strip Figher 4 and then use them to turn the op’s prostate into a sack of mush.

This 5-6 inch long black stereotype breaker knows what’s up.

Also, how the fuck anyone can pick anything but “Gill” as their answer to OP, is beyond me.

Two bars of health, fire, ice, and a loin cloth - how are you gonna beat that?

As I see it.

Galactus > underwear guy