If you had to replace the "grab" function in a fighting game

What would you replace it with that could fit into the rock/paper/scissors gameplay of a 2d fighter. A counter is a viable option, but if you’re that close it seems like a stupid thing to be doing. It should be something that’s straight offense, not a defensive to offensive move ya know?

id make it the opposite of a grab a push

I was thinking that as well, but the thing i’m not keen on is it kinda resets the players, so no one gets a clear advantage for getting one off you know

Push was already done in Tekken 4.

what if you pushed them REALLY HARD

Its already been done before. There’s a fighter without a grab and it already done a sequel. It is not a commercial game though.

Ah, like you push them and then they fall down? That’s interesting. I was also thinking like what if the push was a defensive action to a more offensive close range attack that would inflict a stun state upon hit, but if these offensive techniques hit at the same time both players incur the consequences

Immaterial and Missing Power as well as Touhou 12.3 (forget the exact name) don’t have grabs in them. But they’re also pretty different from normal fighting games.

Like my thing is… why would you even include the push (unless it knocks down) unless it was offensively viable. Even if it knocks down, you’d still be getting distance since it’s a push and to get over to them would sort of be just like a regular push. you know?

(Most) Throws already knock you down. How would a push that knocks down be different from a throw?

killer instinct

Zafo, good point.

What’s the point of removing throws and replacing them with something with similar properties (knocks down, beats block when the part that most scrubs hate about them is the fact that they beat out blocking.

that’s why i’m against the push that knocks down, or pushes in general.

I’d replace it with a “lock dumb threads” button.

I would use this button vigorously.

Yeah, the throw itself isn’t anything special. The beating block part is. The move could be replaced with any close range attack that defeats block and nothing would change. If you take out the beating block part then you’re no longer in rock/paper/scissors territory. So there’s really no way to reconcile “no throw” with “rock/paper/scissors” provided the mechanical function of the throw is what’s important rather than the mere aesthetics of the attack.

Now if the question is whether or not the throw’s function can be replaced with something else or removed entirely while keeping the game sound that’s probably possible though it would seriously effect how the game’s played. Killer Instinct is actually a good example of how no throwing can affect a game.

If you replaced throws with (for example) a quick, no cost, 2 button activated guard crush move (which is basically what the OP is proposing as a replacement), scrubs would be complaining about that instead.

Outside of a specific move that beats blocking (which is really just what a throw does, after all) you could just make blocking weaker I suppose. Something like the oft-maligned guard meters some games have but much easier to crush. Maybe something like Smash’s block where you actually can’t hold it for too long or it breaks. Though in a typical fighting game where back is block that might pose a problem. Particularly projectile heavy 2D games.

They’re ideas, sure. But I can’t envision how well a game would turn out applying them. Imagining Street Fighter with no throws and a serious limit on blocking sounds god awful to me with all other things being equal.

The problem itself lies in the fact that these scrubs want blocking to be a sacred “you can’t touch me at all” state where they’re safe from anything.

Universal overhead that can be combo’d off of.

Or a UOH that gives you an untechable knockdown because that’s the main benifit of a throw.