If you had to replace the "grab" function in a fighting game

Except it’s still a “scissors” solution to “rock” and not a new “paper.”

Well, block-beating attacks could lose to non block-beating ones in some way, like having longer startup or little range… the latter being the current handicap of existing throws in 2D games already. It seems kind of pointless to invent a new feature if it has to have similar properites to the throw.

The other simple solution is to emphasize multiple attach levels, but then it’s not the rock-paper-scissors so much as a raw guessing game of high and low.

This thread is dumb. Do people seriously not realize this?

I don’t think there’s even any good discussion to originate from it…

A push would just be an aesthtically different throw. K’ dosen’t throw, he grabs, and then slams the opponent down with his elbow. Same ice.

@Hyaper Inferno: It’s Touhou Hisoutensuko

Special input for certain normals and specials, with a visual cue ( glow effect like EX moves in Super 4 I guess ) that deal full damage against blocking targets, but only chip damage to non blocking targets.

The Touhou fighting game guard system is kinda messed up. You have 5 orbs worth of special attacks/projectiles/flight. Each usage costs an orb. They slowly regen over time. However, guarding in these games is odd. There are no high-low mixups. If you block incorrectly, you lose an orb. If you have no orbs and block incorrectly, you get guard crushed and one of your orbs is X’d out for a much longer than normal period of time. Additionally, there’s a high number of attacks that instant guard crush you anyway.

I’ve become more and more convinced that strong throws are essential to a good fighting game. The persistent weakening of throws is bad enough; taking them out would be a disaster. (Though the kicks from Weaponlord are an interesting alternative, but they can open the door to parry-into-combo type nonsense.)

Uhm, no. Why are you talking as if this thread is about sf4?

The main benefit of a throw is that they beat block. Them giving untechable knockdowns is not a universal property of throws, just something that is important in SF4. Other games give throws many different properties.

if you don’t want throws in a fighter then you have to make even normals do chip damage or else someone gets a life lead and the match is over. imo, throws don’t really need to be replaced by an alternative function that does the same thing.

its called samsho, perhaps you hearsd of it??

throws were perfect in sf2 ww. high damage untechable could be setup into.

i dunno i guess thats dinosaur talk.

2D is rock, paper, scissors like because of randomness that of which cannot be teched or countered but if I were to say oh I dunno, use an attack while someone is trying to grab… no, no way that is just too unbelievable. What’s next, using counters when someone is using an attack or grab when someone is using a counter… madness!!!

How about countering during hitstun? Oh wait, that’s a stupid idea, yet DOA had it. What a garbage game.