If you have nothing to say nice about MvC3....we wont let you say it at all:mad:

so a few days ago I posted a thread in which I asked what happened to the front page vid of marn/justin badmouthing MvC3, I was amazed at the response it got and the debates that ensued…so today I check up on it to see whats going on…and now its “mysteriously gone” too… Idk Ive been on these forums since 2002, and thats not counting the two accounts I have before I forgot the logins…hell, I still remember the fighters.net/shoryuken.com drama of back then… I never thought it would get to the point of corporate nuthugging bootlicking censoring gestapo shit that is going around… I mean does capcom have these guys that deep in their pockets? It’s sad to see that this once great source OF FREE SPEECH AND OPINIONS has degenarated into a big advertisement…thats what SRK has degenerated to… a big AD campaign…I rarely post or reply to anything , but today it was very apparent once I checked what was going on and the thread was deleted…non existent…

MOD EDIT: Note that his thread was NOT deleted. It’s kinda shitty to go off on some crazy Unibomber rant when you’re wrong.

What’s “nive”?

A very creative way of saying “nice”

Found it weird also. I do like the game, but I appreciate and value input from others who find problems with it too.

Look, we can all just pretend or just accept how things are. Justin, Marn, everyone else to Capcom is just free advertisement, if they step out of line they are told what to do and if they refuse Capcom can refuse to allow them to events and other things.

It’s possible I guess but who really cares?

It got merged… End thread…

So you think SRK is a sellout cause you can’t find your thread???
I guess it didn’t have anything to do with the fact that it became another X-Factor bitching place.

Gee SRK, you’re such a sellout, you should let idiots like the OP make threads like the one that was totally uselss and leave it there when there was another thread talking about the exact same thing at exact same time.

oh and BTW, that was done by the mods, not SRK
scrubs like you dont deserve the Cannon’s attention

I agree, I’ve become very disenchanted with srk lately. It’s pretty much a bunch of new players who have no clue what they’re talking about, and then a bunch of mods overreacting to overreactions instead of just ignoring them like they should be doing. Then, when you actually try to get help/criticism, youre either ignored or modded. Hopefully a new site starts up soon where we can actually get some studying of the game done.

Edit: also, wtf at the highlighted articles? I was at chinatown fair last week, its not going under like the memorial video would have you think. He just bought a ton of cabs, they need to get a return on them. At worst, they’re moving to Brooklyn. And we wonder why there are so many alarmists on srk - look at the staff!

Oh yeah this website is totally incompetent to study a game…
go back to smashboards kid

Read what I said “kid.” The site may very well be capable, but it’s just too busy doing other retarded things like catering to alarmists. People who are actually trying to learn something get ignored. Then butthurt people like you act like an ass whenever someone mentions that fact.

Please, keep proving my point. Less work for me.

Well a bunch of new players probably includes yourself. There is a lot of studying of the game going on. Look at the character threads and the stickies - which you would think “those who have no idea” would look at, but clearly they’re so stupid that they have to make a new thread and complain about stuff.

Folks should realize that more often than not, you’re not the first one who’s thought of said question and miraculously because this site is used to ‘study the game’, your question will gasp actually have been answered ALREADY! If in doubt, i’m sure you’ll get an answer if you use the threads in place - rarely people will get angry at you for posting in the right spot.

And wtf @ mods overreacting to overreactions… they’re closing/merging threads that won’t get anywhere. Mods aren’t supposed to ignore stuff - it defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

How so?
I see alot of stuff being explained to players alike…

There’s no doubt that SRK has changed over the years. After the revival of fighters, it’s became a very popular site. Contracts are bound to happen, and that’s just how it works.

I honestly don’t care though, because the site is still good at what it does. Sure a little more restrictive in some aspects, but that’s what you have to do when running a big site.

What contracts are you referring to?
Evo I can see…but SRK?

New to mvc3? Of course. New to fighting games? No, I’ve been around since the late 90s.

For ‘how do I’ type stuff, sure. For specifics, absolutely not. Look at the last few pages of the team building thread. How many people actually got answers?

I’m not really talking about moving threads. That’s what the OP was complaining about, and I see why you thought I implied that. I think that’s fine. But the first page of the site is loaded with obvious anti-sent strategies and dumb impractical x-factor combos. However, when we go to talk about actual matchups and real problem areas in the game (I don’t mean OP stuff, I just mean things that are difficult to deal with on the fly), it gets ignored. I’d have no problem if actual discussion took place in the main threads, but it generally doesn’t. This isn’t entirely the site’s fault, but their attitude towards catering to scrubs and silencing complaints creates a mentality that leads to stagnation.

And actually, on most well-run sites, mods take a fairly passive role, only jumping in when flame wars actually start. So yes, I think the mods are too proactive about this stuff. Let the discussion happen, and when mothers start being insulted, then you can close the thread.

BTW: SRK is a private site, not public. You don’t have free speech in the same token as the public sector. You can be deleted outright for any reason. While this means it’s best to have fair and just mods, it doesn’t mean you’re protected by the 1st Am.

Yeah, freedom of speech gives you the right to make your own publication. SRK still owns its own site and has the right to allow/disallow content at its whim. They technically own whatever you put up on here.

If that wasn’t the case, graffiti on billboards and the like would be protected speech, and all sorts of other stupid shit.

Oh, they deleted threads about the Sessler incident at evo2k10 too. This will probably be deleted as well.

“Sessler incident”

Get a life, people.

WTH, dude? Your post is right here, merged into a thread it pretty much duplicated:

How about a more honest title of “don’t create threads when there are already threads for that particular discussion?”

How about “I didn’t read the mvc3 forum rules, but the mods let it slide and only merged it way way after it was proving very redundant with the other discussions/threads?”

Those discussions in particular aren’t advancing anything useful, are they? Not sure why we need five threads or more nuthugging/attacking Justin and/or discussing our worldly Week One opinions as opposed to you know discussing the game.


I had thought about making a consolidated Game Views & Reviews thread just so we didn’t have twenty threads on some particular thought upon the game. Probably would have been a good plan. =\

I’m all ears as to how to help with that. I don’t know how having four metadiscussions on whether or not the game is great after playing it for one week isn’t catering towards scrubs. That seems to be the scrubby kind of thing that you’d want to go away… ?

And yet the thread in question is still open, and most threads here are merged into the threads they duplicate.

ProTip: PM me or any of the mods with your concerns/questions/comments. We tend to listen. :tup: