If you know anything about cars, I'd really appreciate your help


My car makes this sound periodically and I have no idea why. I took it to the mechanics, but it wasn’t making the sound when he turned on the car lol, so he couldn’t really work on the problem.

Could use some advice



dude it’s your belts. Most likely your alternator belt needs to be tightened or some other belt but they squeal like that when it gets cold. That’s probably why it didn’t make the noise when you saw the mechanic


I agree with deathzerozx. I saw this all the time as a diesel mechanic for the Marine Corps.

It is your belts that are squeaking like that, very common as it gets colder. You can ether have you belts adjusted or allow your car to warm up before driving. Your mechanic did not hear anything because by the time you got to the mechanic the car warmed up.


thanks alot


btw, when you call say belts, which belts are you referring to besides the alternator? I’m asking because if I take my car to the mechanic, I’d like be able to tell him which belt(s) to replace, or should I just tell him check the belts when the car gets cold lol


just tell him to check the tension of the belts. He’ll figure it out. They’re not too difficult to tighten either if you have the proper tools. Just search how to tighten your belts for your car model on google.


tech talk is fucking awesome




can use some belt dressing too… my stang would do that when it was cold out. used to spray it once a month during winter and no more squeal


bit of talcum powder will quiet it too


Needs a new engine. Drop in a V8. LS-1s fit in almost anything.

Seriously though, it’s a slipping alternator or fan belt. Also, make sure to have the owners manual with you since that should specify the proper tension. If it’s loose, the belt could eventually slip and lead to engine failure, too tight and you could end up cracking some of the bits and bearing leading to engine failure.