If you made a fighting game, what one thing would HAVE to be in it?

Just what the title says. If you looked deep into your mind and what you would like in a fighting game, what would you be personally obligated to put into yours? That’s assuming you have the resources to do so. What would most of those resources go to? What would take priority above all else?

For me, I’m torn between 2 things:

Brutal Gameplay- Besides a good and balanced core system, each character would have moves that have the standard degree of fantasy that we’re prepared to accept in fighting games yet still look like they fricking hurt. I don’t know exactly how though. Fatalities will be included, and they would be character sensitive if I could pinpoint the annoying characters in my game before the buyers do. The ones against those pricks would be very gross.


A very deep storyline- A good storyline that tells ALL. All the characters (even hidden ones) have a justified purpose in the storyline and aren’t filler or anything like that. Branches would be included of course. Besides that, I’ll even explain little things that wouldn’t even need explaining. If you can unlock some extra options, I’ll explain why within the story. If you can unlock the soundtrack of the game, I’ll explain why. Stuff like that. I don’t want to do that because I like story in fighting games; I want to do that because I want to be the first one.

I’m leaning towards 2 because I have a better idea of how that can play out.

Myself as A playable character.

A gripping fighting engine with likable character’s at least.

It’s a real shame to play something with boring character, or where the fighting mechanics truly suck. It’s important these things are of excellent quality for a game to be received well by the audience. No use churning out games when the gameplay doesn’t grip long enough.

My cat as a playable character. :>

Free sex. That’s right, when you play the game I design you get free sex. So give me money so I can start my own game company.

chickens lotsa of chickens

macguyver, droopy, batman, etc, etc

I stopped reading here.

Reinforced character indivuality.

I don’t really mind the CvS2 groove system, but I do somewhat agree with the majority that learning your character is more important than universal options. Since my fighting game would have original characters, I would give them their own grooves and model them off of the powers they possess.

Fist of the North Star looks like it’s coming close to doing this.


mashimaro and rodly the guinea pig from Dr.DOlittle


i had to.

great gameplay, nice overall artistic design, memorable music, etc.

basically a non half assed game.


i would want to hear some BATTLECRY of a super special which sounded …


Cancels. I love the ability to cancel, it makes it all that more fun I think. If fighting games never had this, they wouldn’t be what they are lol.

Also, unique characters and fighting systems.

Right here.

great fighting mechanics, good character designs, every character having their own fighting and combo style, cancels, fatality moves, good music… hey, that’s GUILTY GEAR!!! :encore:

Balanced characters.

parrying and red parrying