If you made your own video game company, what bad decisions would you make?


Let’s say you made your own gaming company, like Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Sega, EA, Activision, Capcom, Konami, Square Enix, Namco Bandai, and Ubisoft. You have your own line of consoles and handhelds, as well as making arcade, computer, and phone games. However, you’re notorious for making really bad decisions that piss off your fans and customers. What kinds of bad things would you do?

Some things I would do, is make all my consoles and handhelds region-locked. I would also let some handheld games have only one save file. If I feel that a game doesn’t meet a certain criteria, I would cancel it (even if many people wanted it). For some games that would have DLC, I would only have it released for a limited time, then later take it away. Most of my games would have DRMs. I can choose whether or not to localize games, same for porting third party games. Many of my stronger franchises would constantly be milked every year. I can make certain computer games Mac exclusive if I want to. If there is someone making a fan-made sequel/remake to a classic game I made, I would make sure it doesn’t get made. Also, if a certain game that has multiplayer doesn’t sell well, I would permanently disable all online support for it.


regardless of whether I own a gaming company, reading this thread was a bad decision. Who day dreams about failure?


This thread is fucking dumb. Here goes anyway: I’d make fun of fans.

Like have an official forum, and the moment I saw some GameFAQs-level or WoW Forum-level bullshit happening, I’d be the total corrupt mod, ridiculing the instigators, temp banning their forum accounts, and if an MMO, temp banning their game accounts, while sending them emails making fun of their mothers.

Then, I’d take their home address and credit card info, and go on a fucking spree. Like buy the most useless fucking shit possible. Transparent fleshlight. Fuckin’ capes. 3D Sonic games. Just useless fucking shit.

And once I did it with one, I’d get a taste for it, and just start robbing all my customers of their fucking money. Like holy shit, you know how I’m always posting about not being able to take over this planet fast enough? Fucktits dynamite, man-moist-making, Dr. B-level nonsense; fund nanomachine development with my customers’ money. Except I already have, motherfuckers, and just needed to finalize the delivery systems.

Then my nanomachines would seep into the minds of everyone on the planet, except for me (I’m immune and have superpowers). And finally, peace. Social conservative extremism? Alternative medicine pushers? People who believe in anything other than militant atheism? Nah, just take away the urges/beliefs at the microscopic level.

Free will? Timepants please, you won’t know you lack it! I’ll just make you think you have it! The fuck do you care? You live in a world where your every desire is met – and decided – by me. The apocalypse will have happened figuratively, but scrub stop being so salty about it. You can’t be salty anyway: I’ve removed all salt from your brain.

But then we discover that negaverse 002 is planning to do the same; the Specs there is planning an omniversal version. He must be stopped! So I command your DNA (almost typoed DNS there, but you don’t care because I say you don’t) to melt you down into a protein-rich sludge, and reform, with all other humans, into a grotesque human mush golem which, for shits and giggles, I shape into a Gundam. Protein Gundam and I cross over into the other realm and make Nega Specs’s plan my own, thus making sure that truly, undoubtedly, no one is safe from total peace and occasional cellular rearrangement into Protein Gundam mk. II.

And that’s what I would do if I made my own video game company.


Protein Gundam had better have Guncannons.


I would have SRK balance a fighting game


Why would you make a decision knowing that it’s bad?


Hire you…


make them register an account online with there email and send them pron


I would stick with my hardcore fans no matter what and never get rich from the mega mainstream buying my products that became 100% different than what my original hardcore fans wanted =(


I would plan on making a trilogy, but only release two of the games. The second would have a cliffhanger ending of the main protagonist being stuck on a remote area far far away from home. Then I would wait a good number of years until I realized that the video game industry in my country was pretty much finished before I decided that it might be a good idea to finally release the third instalment of the series, seeing as I love making $$.

I would even decide to get the fans of the game involved in the development process since they love this series. They’d post all sorts of interesting ideas that, well, I’m kinda embarrassed to admit this, are actually better than what the actual developers had in mind! Heh, then, rather than give the people a free demo of the game to get input, I’d … get this, charge them to play it! Not only would I make some extra $$, I’d actually get them to pay to give their feedback about the game. Fortune 500, here I come!

So, finally, just as I get them all hyped up about this game they’ve just been dying to play, I look into their hope-filled eyes, smile, and say the magic words:

Your game … is CANCELLED!!!

Go ahead. Make a Facebook page. I can’t wait to see how many people I end up disapointing.

Who am I you ask?

Oh, nobody special. You can call me … W …

Dr. W.

If you thought my idea of charging people to pay for playing a demo version of a game was brilliant, tune in next time, where I’ll show you how to get people to pay full price for an incomplete game … only to charge them an extra $40 for the rest of it several months later!


If I had a video game company I guess not making video games would be a bad decision.


lol wtf kinda thread is this

OP you sound like an






Beat me to it.


I would make Inafune leave my company and come out with a psuedo-sequel of the same game in less than a year.

Wait, you mean I’m still not failing? Say word? lights cigar with a lit 100 dollar bill


Haha no you wouldn’t. If somehow you resisted the allure of going to where the money is, your shallow-ass “hardcore” game will eventually be rightfully seen for the poor product it really is.


Assign Keiji Inafune as the creative director, then allow him to outsource the development of titles in established and successful franchises to third-party developers overseas


Ahaha I was like this thread is damn strange, damn strange!

Just a jab at bad company decisions. I agree to a point, why do they make so many obvious bad ones!


Think along the lines of: NIS (who has many hardcore fans, but is not mainstream) decides to never make a Disgaea (not even remotely close to being a shallow game, but is not widely popular) game again. They will now make the fictional title “Call of the Battlefield” (which will be mainstream and more than likely shallow).

So they start making money, and become a successful business on but the original fans who stuck with them are left hanging.

My bad decision would be to not make that money. It’s all good if you don’t get what I meant though, it’s not like I’m really making games. I’m sure if I did it would suck and be a poor product and I wouldn’t make money anyway…


Also, I would make one game where every level has a short time limit.


Actually, I completely misread the thread title; I missed the word bad. My mistake; sorry!