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Slightly old article, but it would serve for some discussion

It doesn’t surprise me that the producer of Dead Or Alive 5 would say that. Then again, I have also heard comments that Japanese men were sexist and I have wondered whether it’s a exaggeration or whether that’s actually not far from the truth


Where are my attractive male characters? :frowning:


[SIZE=3]“Japanese view of women in video games not going to change”[/SIZE]

And bless their hearts for that.


Yeah, if you’re going to make some fantasy world with ninja girls running around, you might want to make them attractive; naturally or money generating motivated. While movies with casting attractive actresses don’t have this problem, that media not being considered “kids” entertainment as “video games” are still associated with that label despite so much growth, its own movie like Ratings system how many years in, and statistics on who buys games, adults are going to top that list.

Here’s a different one:


Girls will play the male hero saving the female games just as much, maybe more as Zelda games, Final Fantasies and others attest to. So asking why not a female character, what’s up with this particular dev, is some question that doesn’t need to be asked and pondered so long when it was more of a question on a whim that wasn’t thought through. even if it was for the sake of others that may want more female protagonists, lead main characters in games. That are what, strong and powerful but — not overly sexy made up to be out of reach of the common person. And common people are what the developers think about when making games, mass appeal, and what works. Unfortunate to growth and sensibilities, and gender equality, or not.

Vanessa’s appearance from Virtua Fighter 4 to 5 is something else, though. Lost a lot of muscle mass…


Off topic, is that supposed to be a guy cosplaying as Elena in your av?


This too:

“No Mai, no buy”

Then in the end she doesn’t fit the game system too well anyway and is kinda weak.


Also a case of “But Not Too Black”


Let’s look at the alternative for having hot women in video games:




Best looking guy I ever saw. Pause


So the thing about them being sexist doesn’t seem far from the truth now


She’s always weak, every time.



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this thread sucks.


Well I’m choosing black Guile.


2012 SRK GD Awards Nomination Thread

They should’ve gone the VF/Tekken route and gave everyone swimsuits.


dear lord, penance stare!


I was hoping they’d pimp her out with her 98 movelist, but nooo…


“The idealized/sexualized women in these games are offensive to me!” said women who read shitty teen romance novels that painstakingly describe the young, attractive, implausibly successful male characters.


Is that supposed to be some shot at Stephanie Meyer? [and her shitty supernatural “fantasy” series Twilight ]I know her novels are shit, but it’s kinda overdone at this point.


These feminists never shut the fuck up woman have every right that men have yet they continue to claim oppression woman where never fucking oppressed.