If you read the DS interview, PLEASE CLICK THIS!


Hey everyone, this has escalated into something bigger than I expected and I’m really excited for the future. The interview with Javits will be up on Sunday anytime. But my main reason for making this thread is to say that i’ll be posting these on shoryuken in the fighting game discussion section but i’ll also be posting them on my wordpress account.

I plan on expanding this into a versatile website as long as i get a response that i got from the DS interview. Please visit my “website” and check out the interviews(but they’ll still be on here). Thanks for all you supporters!

P.S. if you don’t have aim, you can either PM me on here or send me an email at:



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interview me you son of a bitch! lol


P. Gorath: I know they don’t in the first interview because it wasnt made to be one. It was a school project that i had to do and it escalated. I promise I’m making the questions more specific