If you want Cashcom to cooperate

If you want to have any chance of getting the DLC characters early, don’t under any circumstances, report any players that have the content early. By reporting people that are actively using their property you are working with capcom showing them that you agree with their policy of disc locked content. Also, the people using early DLC aren’t cheating to the point that it is a free win. Half the characters unlocked are those that we are all very familiar with and the other half can be figured out (generally) within the second round of a game. Now if some guy creates some hack that forces you to just stand there and they get a free win every time, by all means report them.

The best way to have some cooperation out of Capcom is to just stop playing the game. How will they ever sell the unlock for content on the disc already if no one is putting the disc in their console? Not exactly realistic to get people to stop playing the game but it does make sense.

TL: DR Don’t report cheaters as they are just using characters that they own

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