If you want to be an animal, stay in the third world!

What the fuck.

I hate stories like this. It is always someone from Africa or the Middle East who comes to the west and does some shit like this. In America, it is always an Arab or African who kills or threatens with death, their female relatives for trying to take advantage of the freedoms that come with living in this very place that they fucking chose to immigrate into.

Fuck false equivalencies. Shit like this is disgusting and has no parallel in modern day western civilization. If I had my way, people who did things like this would spend the rest of their lives naked, and in zoo like surroundings with no utensils or toilets. just food bowls and a groundskeeper.

Are you white?



Are you racist?

as long as they keep that shit within their family i couldnt care less. I have more important things to worry about, such as ants with giant heads.

No, I just believe that there are things like this, witch burnings, honor killings, mass rapes of women to strike out against men, violence against women for not allowing themselves to be cattle, killing Albinos because you think that they are possessed and Female Genital Mutilation are sub human practices and I am tired of people hiding behind “Culture” when others call them out on it.

It pisses me off even more when those practices are brought into the western world. People who practice those traditions are sub human. If I had my way, I would treat them as such.

I agree, send all the furries and MLP fans to some shit country like Pakistan.

Where is all this coming from man? Troubles with a co-worker? Miss that big promotion?

Btw, I purposely left out all of the human trafficking of South America and Asia since the entire world has an issue with human trafficking. In our haste to say “Slavery is in the past” we really just turned a blind eye to it.

Edit: It is coming from reading that article and other articles in the past and talking to my Nigerian friend who is Gay yet has parents who not only came here to take advantage of the economic options this country had to offer, but also the social freedoms and let him be. I also keep up with worldwide LGBT rights and many of the people abroad feel that it is a western import and rage against it for that alone. Looking at what they import in stories like these just piss me off.

I am not trying to shit on any race or religion. I doubt that they had Necklacing in any major religious text.

This third world barbaric shit really does need to stop. Speaking of which…: http://www.cnn.com/2012/01/09/justice/florida-terror-arrest/?hpt=ju_c2

You sure do like defending women, don’t put pussy on a pedestal.

Also third world people are ignorant, they aren’t hiding. They don’t have access to internet, 360’s with CoD, and the general culture of another country to tell them what they are doing is usually deemed wrong.

Maybe the slave traffickers, I dunno if they use craig’s list or anything.

what do you wan people to discuss?

Fuck if I know. I just decided to make a thread. I don’t do it that often and compared to some of the shit I usually see here, it just seemed like a good idea.

It probably wasnt. There have been many times I thought I would make a thread to bitch about something or someone but I never have. In the end it was the best thing for everyone.

Kinda hard when your transgendered…

We are learning so much about you The Grey Area, still haven’t answered the Racist question though. Yes or No is the only answer.

are you?

Yes. These days, I tend to stay in the Gay thread but I am fairly open about it. It just never comes up in most cases.

It is the first word that I typed after the question was asked.

Also mentioned it here.