If you want to buy a custom arcade stick

Haha. Definitely not a local.

locations are up for each seller

whats the closest dealer to, Carson?

long beach,

any makers available to make a custom 360 sanwa setup? Seems like everyone is booked to the tits these days.

This I am not sure where to post but I am sorry if I’m posting this at the wrong place.

But for the moment, I am trying to find someone able to modify my CvS2 PS2 ASCII stick with new buttons, art work, stick and the good stuff :sweat:

I’m currently looking for a Custom 360 and DC Stick. I went to all the builder links and it seems that most are not taking orders at this time :(. If anyone can take on my order, that would be fantastic! Thanks.

Currently looking for someone to build a stick similiar to Hori’s, same parts and what not, BUT if possible, can make the stick noiseless…laser perhaps? But same lollipop stick?

Finkle FTW

Is anyone making customs with p360’s or is MAS the only way to go right now?

Edit: Nvm! Found the answer to my own question.

I am opening Sanwa, Happ, and Seimistsu stuff soon. Full access to entire catalog.

timoe’s link is invalid.

works for me

I think it is because we used to have a for sale thread as Timoe, then we got organized and re-posted under our TMO Gaming account.

Here is a link to the new thread


New Builder

I am a new builder. I am located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa My thread is: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=136610

Mods please add me to the list.


Speaking of which, you might as well remove me from the list, as I have lost interest and found college + job + stick building to be too much trouble at once.

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He does?

He doesn’t? I wouldn’t know since I don’t own one, but lets see, he’s was actively getting customers, the pics originally didn’t look bad, etc, etc ,etc. Multi without that expose, none of us would truly know. I used the coming back factor, no one complained on user feedback before, so in the future, if you had told us sooner, that comment would have never existed, however its Kuenai’s turn to rebuttle. ttyl :wink:

ps. Personally pictures should be enough, look at TMO’s stuff, you know thats quality. However I will from now on ask all my customers to write a review if they can.

i’m looking to buy a custom arcade stick maybe give the new guys some business pm for more information if interested