If you wasted many hours of your life on just ONE ARPG released in the last few years, which one?

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If Destiny counts I’ve logged in well over 1,000 hours.


That was surprisingly tough…other rpgs have given me great stuff that D3 hasn’t…but D3 has indeed been the main one I’ve been playing since day 1, which has been a few years now. I have probably around 500 or 600 hours at this point.(*and most of that is on my favorite character class–the wizard)

If ever there was a game with the depth and attention to detail/lore (especially including the vampire/werewolf stuff) as an Elder Scrolls game…but with amazing, entertaining combat like a Dragon’s Dogma, then THAT would instantly be my favorite of all time, and I’d go on to spend probably the rest of my life playing it.

Does DCUO count? I know it’s an MMO, but I can’t keep up and I hate RPGs. I’ve played many hours of DCUO and I really like it.

Since the only one I’ve heard of is D3 which I’ve never played…I’m going to go with none.


Do Souls and The Witcher count? If so then those, must be over 1k hours in just Souls and Witcher 3 is like around 150 hours now.

This is probably too old and not technically an ARPG, but I’d go with Castlevania Symphony Of The Night. Game’s still a lot of fun to play even after all these years and I have hundreds of hours sunk into this game over the years.

Diablo 3, no contest.

Wtf where is Sacred 2?

Marvel 2.

I played about 450+ hours into D3 before I game up on the grind. I played torchlight but I was able to get a max character and beat the game several times with only about 90 hours of playtime so it felt like much less of a waste.

I haven’t spent a ridiculous amount of time on game since City of Heroes. I’ve played a ton Destiny, but I always monitored how much I was playing at any given time - not the case w/ COH. I was into that game hardcore and invented quite a bit of tech.


Not yet but only because Lost ark and Lineage Eternal haven’t been released.

When my friend and i were jobless, we got torchlight 2 and put in well over 60 hours in 2 weeks, beating it once. It was a dark time for us

There’s this really shitty Marvel RPG some people are playing.
It really sucks but somehow manages to keep a consistent user base off it’s name alone.

It is so unpleasantly grindy it isn’t even fun.

haha I’ve played Marvel Heroes a few times as well… first character was Black Panther but sadly all of his skills are just boring… I moved on to Loki and had more fun. As always with this type of game, I imagined it would be fun if it was even more like Diablo than it already is… and if it were on console.

It surprises me that there’s not a lot of comic book/superhero-oriented action RPGs out there. You’d think that would be a natural game idea from the suits over at Marvel, DC and Image since at least the 90s but apparently not. There’s the Marvel Heroes game and DC Universe Online… and that’s it…and only one of those exists on consoles…just those 2 in all these years… there was “Ultimate Alliance” but that was killed by the stupidity of DLC splitting the user/player-base (people who did have the dlc could not play with people that didn’t have it…how fucking stupid is that? I hope that never happens again in this industry)…eventually forever since said DLC became completely unattainable after certain IP-rights went away.