If you were a celebrity, would you still have unprotected sex?

Well, would you?

Keep in mind that there’s a chance to get someone pregnant if we’re talking about heterosexual sex. And, assuming your number of partners goes up, a higher risk of disease.

Still, doesn’t bareback just feel so good? Fuck yeah it does.

Give your answers.

Yes, but only with other celebrities.

Find a qt 3.14 waifu and take responsibility, so of course.

I doubt there are many gold diggers for internet celebrities or EVO winners.


Or atleast I think. Maybe Viscant and Pewpedpie has some insight on the topic.

There are EVO groupies. I shouldn’t be shocked, but they do exist.

Pussy can be the downfall of men.

No. Id have unprotected sex with the person i dont mind having kids with. That is it.

You scared?

Depends on the celebrity.

Kathy Griffin - No.

Kris Jenner - Maybe.

PurpleBunny pretending he doesnt want Caithlyn Jenner.

After the charlie sheen thing, if i was a celeb, i’d only fuck in a hazmat suit.

But is having unprotected sex cheating?

Pretty sure it’s not if a condom is on.

Its not about being a celeb, its about being totally filthy rich. So you have the means to completely and utterly dominate woman of all flavours without it coming back on you as domestic abuse.

I would personally vet the candidates, have my well paid medical team to assess if fhey are healthy, store them in a remote villa without any means of escaping. And then have the craziest, most debauchery filled, orgiest of orgies.

So to answer the question, no.

Nobody gona tigawoo me.

People who totally wanna trap celebrities even if they’re poor still exist. If you need proof, just check out the minor celeb musicians in Brooklyn. They are for sure broke but they still get girls who want to keep them in their lives.

With women musicians, dudes just wanna do embarrassing shit in bed with them. It’s such a weird dichotomy.

Uh yeah. You think imma put on a condom when i netflix and chill with charlize theron? Shes gonna get that 2 gallons of water a day, havent masturbated in 3 weeks, nut.

If youre asking me if id raw dog a hot fan who is aching to suck my balls. Cmon son, you know me better than that…


It’s not about being scared, it’s about being responsible. I don’t want children. I love other peoples kids, but I don’t want any of my own not right now anyway. Then it’s a question of being connected to this person forever because you have a child together.

I’m rather picky about who I want to have children with to begin with, on top of not wanting any anyway. I act like an adult do the responsible thing and armor up.

theres more important things in life than crushing pussies

This line, coming from YOU, is making my sides ache.

Little do they know the moment I hit celebritydom I got a vasectomy. All thats left of my little soldiers is on Ice just in case I do want an heir.

it took me a long time to learn that lesson ;y

For those of you that said yes: are you willing to risk hiv and hep c? Really?

Or are you just posting in the heat of the moment?