If you were a Street Fighter character, what would your playstyle be?


I’ve never posted here before and I thought this would be a decent first topic.


Mauy Thai and Judo.

Muay Thai is my favorite out of all the stand up styles I do. And Judo has tons of throws that would look cool as command grabs.


You go first…


i would be Blanka.

because im such a massive troll.


Guile. Also Charlie.

Always loved their direct, no-nonsense style. Not much finesse or ummm, “wasted movement” for lack of a better term. Just calculated precision and hard strikes.


I’d like to be a Shoto/all-around. I have a very balanced playstyle.


I tend to stick with shotos myself, since they’re versatile. You can zone, rush, or turtle with them. While they’re a dime a dozen, not everyone plays them equally well. It’s like chefs using eggs as a test to see whether someone can cook. Beyond that, I like knowing that my character/type is guaranteed to be in the subsequent installments. It sucks to main someone, only to find out they’re not in the sequel.