If you were gonna teach someone how to play SF, where would you start?

I have a friend who has never really played fighters seriously before, but he does enjoy playing them despite not really having any idea what he is doing. I want to get him into fighting games, Street Fighter in particular, and show him the ropes, because i want him to be able to play and hold his own with my other friends and I, especially when IV drops. I also feel that if i get him big into SF, then learning other fighters should come a little easier. However, i have absolutely no idea where to even start showing him stuff. Any suggestions?

  1. Let him pick a character.
  2. Show him the movelist for that character, and allow him some time in training mode to do the moves.
  3. Play against him.

In the beginning, your friend will be stuck on using Fierce and RoundHouse as his only normal moves. If you continue to play against him, he’ll find out about comboing and the benefits of other normal moves just by watching you. If you play a game with CCs(A3 or CVS2), don’t let your friend know they exist yet. CCs are complicated and require a little more training to do, in all his excitement of knowing how to do all the moves in the game, learning about CCs will make him want to try them, and he will fail, lowering his ego and dampning the high people get when something comes to them easily.

There is no 7-step method in making your friend competitive or pro. Overworking him by making him learn advanced tactics early on or just raping him with your characters will cause his excitement for the game to drop. Keep your game at an understandable level, so he could learn by watching you play. Eventually, through experience and playing against you for a while, he will be a good player.

-Stick to the basics. Place emphasis on normals more than anything. Specials and supers can wait.
-Stress the importance of ranges. If he’s into mma or boxing, he should catch on to this one quick.
-When you do play against him, dont go for gimmicky tactics like wake-up specials or complicated hi/low/command grab mixups. Show him how to porperly zone and play at a safe but effective range. He will pick up the mixups on his own, we he is able to react fast enough and do his moves on the fly.

I suggest showing him some great match vids on Youtube after giving him some time to learn his character. The vids should give him some idea of how other people play the game, so that he won’t be totally lost wondering what to do. They might even be inspiring.

Also, when you play against him, I recommend avoiding mix-ups and instead using the same one attack or strategy repeatedly whenever you’re in a particular situation (preferably an attack that’s not TOO difficult to stop) until he learns how to deal with it and starts consistently blocking/countering it. You can start mixing things up once he’s learned how to deal with each possibility individually.

Play Street Fighter 2, pick a simple character to learn such as : Ryu and a good faq from Gamefaqs, school yourself.

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Yeah pick Zangief, and teach him some Gief FAB, some SPD’s and some combos, specially this one cross-up down HP, crounch LPx2, Standing LK and SPD, this is one of the easiest thing to learn and he will like the amount of energy it takes from his opponent lifebar, just tell him to keep practicing, he will get it.

Since SF4 is going back to the spirit of SF2, I’d start with one of the SF2’s. If he’s got a 360, then Hyper Fighting would be a good choice because he could play online and see a lot of different styles. If it’s just you and him playing offline, then I’d go with Super Turbo or AE on the PS2.

For characters, I’d have him start with someone who’s easy to play. My vote would be for Chun Li. Charge moves and mashin on kick is easy. She’s got good priority normals and a good throw. So, all around good stuff. While he concentrates on Chun, you should play a lot of different characters against him, so that he gets used to the different ways the game could be played. This will also let him see if there’s another character that he’d like to start playing with. At that point, you should have him hooked :wgrin:

Thanks for the advice everyone. I definitely plan on implementing some of this stuff as i teach him the ways of SF.

My tips:

*Play a Streetfighter. And since he’s new and probably still a bit slow, a non Turbo one.
*Make him pick a character he likes, also let him play as Ryu. With Ryu or Ken spacing and the likes are easy to explain
*Play mirror matches. Take the same character as him. Stick to using basic stuff until he gets it by copying you e.g. standing Roundhouse as an anti-air

From my personal experience, the absolutely best method if you are new.

Super. Turbo.

Just make sure its fun. Its easy to make games boring when you are trying to powerlevel people with shit like making them learn an easy character.

“This is the stick, you can move around in the stage thanks to it; these are the buttons, you can hit opponents by pressing these buttons” would be the first step.

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I’ve never been able to teach anyone how to dragon punch or do a DM they can do it maybe once or twice and then they’re all hyped up about it but they can never do it consistantly or under pressure and then they get frustrated and stop playing as much…

A) Don’t Stomp Him When You Play Him. That’ll Just Discourage Him.
B) Let Him Pick Who He Wants, Show Him Some Good Combos With The Character.

If He Really Wants To Learn, You Shouldn’t Have To Try Any Harder Than That.

Safe moves. Period. THat’s the first thing you absolutely have to teach first no matter what. Forget what everyone else just said. The very first thing he needs to be able to do is not use a stupid move at a bad time. He shouldn’t use gunflames at point blank or wakeups into a super. And that was one of the last things I actually learned.

The best thing you can do for your buddy after learning normals (standing, jumping, and crouching) is put him on training mode and make him do every special and super the character has about 800 times. Execution is the reason most players fail IMO.