If you were to balance MvC2


…What kinds of things would you do to each character? I’m just curious to see what players think should be done to the fighters so players don’t always choose the same characters.


wow from a 2K1 member too… it’s been done many a time before, this thread.

Lots of air dashes added to the rest of the cast that don’t have them. Let Wolverine and Chun Li combo their supers again. Only nerf I would make is to Magneto’s various dashes, and add a few frames start up to AHVB.


Time to check out that Alpha-ism radio, the show from before SB3, I think it was 10-13? Something like 3 hours of discussion on this, probably a lot better than anything you’ll get out of this topic.


I don’t think marvel can be balanced. It can simply be unbroken.

Remove IM and WMs three direction j. HP. Give doom’s ground pink stuff more startup.

Make Magneto’s dashing speed a few frames slower.

Nerf the shit out of spirals dancing sword. Give her teleport startup.

Completely remove Storms slow fall. Make her take more damage. Make Hail storm unmashable.

Unfly has to die. Have sent recover later after HSF.

remove the invincibility on alot of assists. Psy, Cyke, etc.


Make air dashing universal.

Nerf tron assist.

Give lower tier characters more priority (Jill).

All I can think up for now.


You couldn’t completely balance the game. The only thing we could do is bring up the weak characters. I would bring Chun back up to XvSF status, with the comboable air super. Wolverine would go back to XvSF status and give him his heal super back. Gives 35% but takes two levels. Juggs would get his command grab back. Zangief would have a real dash, and Mecha super would be possible in regular form. Everyone with a damage handicap would be brought up to mid damage status. I honestly would not change any of the top tiers. Bring all the low tiers up to a competing level.

Cap Com would have a repeatable corridor in the air. That would be sweet. Spiderman would be able to finish off and air combo with HP -> HK. That would give him the universal infinite against Sent. Just because of the way he blocks, he would take no block damage. Web swing would recover in the air right after executing. Web throw could be done repeatedly, ala Morrigan. Also, it would hold you as long as Thanos’ bubble.

That’s just some things I have thought about.

Um, Jill has godlike priority as it is, really.


On what? Her highest priority move is her j. HP and that loses to Guile’s j.HK.


Standing fierce. Low RH. Maybe that’s the Justin Wong factor in that priority. Ducking Fierce, also. You may be right, Tiger.I am only seeing the “Justin Wong” Jill win I consider priority.



Maybe that’s because j.hk has hella priority by itself. You can’t compare a move to a high priority move and claim it’s low priority because it loses. Also, these threads never do well because no one knows what the fuck they’re talking about. Very few people actually understand WHY stuff works as well as how and I don’t claim to be one of them. The only way to eliminate guardbreaks is to give normal jumps superjump status which would mean characters can normal jump and block all day making it even more broken. That would also essentially give sentinel unfly for free all the time. This thread is going to turn into a wishlist based on what scrubs lose to instead of what the game actually needs.


just give every character 8way airdash and call it a day.:rock:


Thx, Adam. I knew Guardbreaks were tied into the mechanics of the system. To change it would bring on a whole mess of problems, destroying the game. I had read that some time ago. Just didn’t remember what it actually did.


I don’t want to nerf anyone too badly. I’d rather bring weaker characters up to speed.

I’d give out air dashes liberally (even some 8-way ones). Tweak defenses across the board (lots of characters need more, especially the likes of Akuma and the Wolverines) OR give something to make up for low defense (Akuma could have Shin/Cyber Akuma moves/damage). I wouldn’t mind something to keep assists in check (assist stocks, or assists eating some meter). Adjust some of the MP/MK moves (maybe move some directly to the LP/LK button). That’s all I’m going to say as I haven’t played the game with any semblance of seriousness in 7+ years.

I nominate Higher Jin to tell us how he’d fix Jin. :tup:

I don’t suppose I can get a transcript anywhere…?


That’s about all I think was posted, I guess you could look further into that thread or whatever, there were some other posts in there too.


and air supers

lots of people will rank up in tiers because of this


The only acceptable changes are the ones that make something broken harder to do. Otherwise you might as well rename the game.


Zangief buffs…

Alongside a real dash, it would be nice to see him get:
[]a real ‘magic series’ chain
]a glowing hand super (akin to Chun-Li’s Kikosho)
[]a lariat super (akin to Ryu’s Shinkuu Tatsumaki…)
]all his specials and supers from his Mega form
[]slight super armor (like Hulk)
]temporary mega mode with the ability to block (like Colossus)
[*]faster & farther aerial russian slam
That’s all i can think of right now. He may not be top tier with these changes, but at least he could stay alive longer.


I’m not saying she has low priority. She has decent priority but she actually loses alot of matches (like vs. guile) because she only has decent priority. With Guile or Cyclops level priority she still wouldn’t be great, because she has to work to damn hard to get close in so man matches. So at least when she gets there she doesn’t have to worry about getting beat by something.

Well, what I really meant was giving people a free GB when a new character comes in. any other time I see it as being fine.

EDIT: Actually buffing Jill’s zombies is a great idea as well.


I’d like to see a little bit more damage on some of Megaman and Roll’s moves. Roll in general would be more fun if she didn’t blow(mind you, I think she’s fun already).



  • Some properties of previous incarnations of characters return.

XvS style chun, wolvie, juggs, shotos, cammy, cyke. They dont have to be extra infinite happy like xvs (with mvc2’s engine, It automatically tones the infs anyways and makes them actually usuable)

Msh style shuma, hulk, cap, bh, im
All the best incarnations of these characters had full access to their move sets, normals and specials. Would be a little harder to get these guys to work but, you could at least make them better.

C.O.T.A style Iceman, collosus, silver sam, omega
More of the same. Just better versions all around.

Mvc2 new characters - Jill, amingo, hayato, servbot, roll
These characters need help. They definitely need boosts. I honestly believe that servbot/roll are unsaveable. :confused:


Mvc2 gods

  • All his normals chip? Fix please. I could see the beam, I guess.
  • Remove Unblockable
  • Keep the fast fly tactics but make his fly a LITTLE slower so that a character might have a chance to actually, you know, catch him.


  • Something needs to be done about her runaway. So, if she ad’s and attacks, she cant block on the way down or whatever.
  • Make a “screen cap” for her headbutt, make her head downwards if she hits the top of the screen or something.


  • He is not that good unless he has some supers. I guess tone his super slightly or better yet make it change the gravity of the character being hit by the move so that cable can only do a max of 2 back to back ahvbs or maybe just adjust the damage of the beam. Either way.

  • Leave the move combable but remove instant aspect of ahvb (just a few frames). Leave the recovery as is. Change the recovery of the ground hvb and make it better. If he wants to turtle, let him fly or die by it then.


  • Mag is so live by the sword, die by the sword, like cable. If I would do anything to him, I would lower his stamina and raise offensive ability further. Make him similar to his xvs incarnation. All offense.

  • Maybe change his tempest to the tempest from MSH. Less damage, i believe it was still comboable and tracked a little.

  • Remove the unblockable properties that happen with his moves sometimes.
    (s.fp comes to mind)

I wouldnt like to see air dashes for everyone, the cool part of video games is varied play styles. I dont want for all the characters to play similar. Wolvie is tops in xvs and doesnt have access to an airdash. Seems like a lazy way to make characters competitive.


This post is horrible.


I wouldn’t change anything.