If you were to vacation anywhere, where would you hone your SSF4 Skills?

Whats the best arcade in america to go hang out at for a week?

Also is it worth going to japan to learn ssf4?

Id like to learn some street fighter skills from no lag NON XBOX LIVE play.

Any ideas?

edit: I live in Colorado, they have an alright scene, tournaments every month or few months depending on the date. But where do I practice? I want the best week I can learn the most…

Ok, I’ll bite.

Japan. That is all. Arcades are all but dead in NA, there are a few somewhat popular ones in Cali and NY, but that’s about where it ends. If you were theoretically going to go anywhere in the world to hone your skills at the game, Japan would be the best choice. That’s where by far the best competition is.

yep Japan

I would go to Uganda, and feel accomplished about no one being able to beat me.

Definitely japan. Constant stream of different players.

I don’t know Japanese…so California, I’d love to train with the WNF crew.

I’d go to California to where Valle and Co. come from. Then learn Japanese, then take a plane. Club Sega Ahikibara.
Or Chinatown. Thing is I couldn’t mention Adon. Lol.

JAPAN. ???.:karate:

I miss the arcade but then again i remember id blow 10$ on a Saturday just playing fighters and racers hehe.
i think some of those net/comic places that have game tournaments tho are whats left of it. :slight_smile:

People Vacation to arcades? Thats news to me…

MD/VA :lovin::lovin::lovin: