If you wrote an EVO log

…you are gay. Nobody cares about your crap, all they care about are results and matches, and they can see that on the DVD.

That is all.

truer words have never been spoken.

Yeah Phil, nobody cares?

And that’s why Viscant’s log has over 2,800 views.

Viscant’s log was good, however.

And most people already think viscant’s just a little gay. Or has fun acting like it.

get bent jerkface.

For the most part I gotta agree. I really don’t read logs unless I know the person. They bore me… like reality tv. The reason for Viscant’s popularity on the forums must pre-date my career here cuz I dont understand how he has such a big following, or why his insanely long log has so many views. But I’m still glad ppl make logs cuz sometimes you there is interesting stuff in the stories.

The personal stuff about peoples “crews” and stuff doesn’t do anything for me really… for obvious reasons. But I like the logs that cover the games, and talk about matches and whatnot. Does make me gay?

So be it then.

AudioProject: “career”? That’s some high ambition you’ve got there buddy. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Haha I really don’t play games no more…I just used that metaphor for lack of a better word. Nahmean?

And no, you are not gay because you didn’t write an evo log

Viscant’s log is also 10 times better if you were there for some of the moments…like Isaac’s room!

No one cares? Then what’s this thread doing here? Ironic logic.

no one cares about what you think about the evo logs. i fucking love READING.EVERY.SINGLE.ONE.