If your charge time is not enough, the EX won't come out


I’m not sure if there is anyone know this and my English sucks, but all I’m saying is that if you do a 28KK immediately after a neutral jump,(just when your feet land the ground), the EX will never come out even you have meter. I haven’t try other charge moves, so I’m not sure this is a “ChunLi special” or whole system in this game. If so, I think this is kind of important for M.Bison and F.A.N.G. So, I hope you guys can try it and response me. =)


Yes, it’s very annoying and bad programming TBH.

Regular SBK has 40 frame people charge iirc. But ex SBK has 45 frame charge time… So it’s easy to have say 40-44 frames of charge and meter and get a regular SBK.

Tbqh ex SBK should be 40 frames of charge just like the regular version.


Understand, thx a lot. :slight_smile:


The reason is to limit comboability of EX SBK. It was done intentionally, it isn’t a bug or bad programming.


I only play Chun, so I can’t say if any other character has something like this. However, if this is exclusive to Chun, then yes, it needs to be fixed. I haven’t heard of any Ryu’s mentioning different timings between SRK and EX SRK.

If the entire cast has something like this…well, that’s just stupid. If nobody else does…then it’s not intentional.


I don’t have a problem with it and I use Chun. Only time you use regular SBKs is in combos any way


Its designed like that to avoid her being broken.


What would the ex SBK do, like 30 more damage as a combo finisher? Spending meter for that damage isn’t unbalancing, especially when other character without charge moves can do ex specials to finish their bnbs for more damage too.


It happens with some of Fang’s moves, too.


most combos create too much pushback for an ex sbk to land anyways… isnt that enough to “balance” the move?


I just assume the EX has 45 frame charge time because it equals that of the average jump time, so you can’t start charging the moment someone jumps and EX SBK at the last second. You would have to be charging a little bit beforehand. Considering crouching lowers your hitbox, and jump-in attack hitboxes suck in this game, your opponent would have to do a really deep jump-in to hit you, thus more time for you to charge. I mean, considering human reaction time, you’d always have to be charging beforehand, but this just lengthens the amount of time.

That’s my thought behind it. Definitely don’t think it was made longer because of comboability, because honestly, I would love it if Chun-Li’s burned their meter during combos. Zero bar Chun-Li = free pressure.


Meanwhile non-charge characters with anti-air specials can spend meter every time to get the EX version. Sometimes it’s even better for AA than their regular special.

I don’t think it’s a balance thing at all. They probably just want Chuns to use other tools to end combos and AA, perhaps to increase diversity in play styles across the cast.


What combo would you use this for anyway? I’ve seen people complain about this but I don’t get how this a factor or something worth complaining about. MK SBK seems like the much better ender anyway as the gradual corner carry can actually be followed up with pressure unlike EX SBK.

And all the charge characters have varying charge frames on moves. Bison stomp charges faster than scissors, FANGs fireball does too compared to his other moves etc etc. It’s not a bug.


Stomp and scissors aren’t the same input. The problem here is that you get a VERY BAD special if you are a frame off the charge time.

It’s actually happened to me a lot… I get knocked down with meter, start charging, opponent does neutral jump on my wakeup, I go to ex SBK as they are landing and get out a regular SBK and get combod. If no SBK came out then a normal would have come out with a better chance of AAing them, or I might done a jumping normal which would have me take the hit and flip out.

The point here is that yes other characters have different charge time for different specials… But what we are talking about here is different charge times for different strengths of the same special… Which tbqh is pretty dumb.


No one is even asking about that. Does Bison’s EX stomp take longer than his regular stomp? Does FANG’s EX fireball take longer then his regular fireball? That is the question being asked because people want to know if this is a bug or intentional. And if it is intentional, why did they do it?

And being able to end a combo with EX SBK would be useful if it gets the KO. But if you really think it’s pointless to do in a combo, then why have different timings in the first place? Why not allow Chun to do something that a lot of the cast can already do? It seems like a healthy discussion to have.


Ive decided to drop Chun, Too much of a high maintenance character and my execution isnt good enough for me to have fun with her.

It’s a shame… same thing I disliked about SF 4 where they have interesting characters that are pretty much off-limits to use unless you are godlike with execution is going to happen with SF 5 it seems.


You’re looking at it the wrong way, EX SBK doesn’t have a longer charge time to mess with you, normal SBK has a shorter charge time to let you do cool combos you otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

Even if the two moves had the same charge time, you’d still be getting instant jump normals or whatever when you failed to charge ex sbk.


Well her only other ender for combos is lightning legs, which is a shit way to end combo. It’s not that SBK lets you do cool combos, it lets you do decent combos.

And your explanation doesn’t explain why she shouldn’t be able to do an EX SBK to end a combo. I feel like a broken record, but non-charge characters can end combos with EX specials just fine. It’s clear that they don’t want people ending combos with EX SBK, so I would like to understand why that is.


#SEAM2016 Humanbomb vs GO1, tons of normal 28K came out of nowhere, I think they were trying do the EX one to get out of the opponent’s pressure but didn’t charge enough time. =) =) =)