---------- If your Club Udon shipment is VERY late... follow these instructions!

If you have not recieved your Club Udon order
after an extended period of time (more than 8 weeks),
please EMAIL me with the following information:

  1. What you ordered from Club Udon
  2. Your FULL NAME
  4. The DATE you made your purchase

“Club Udon Order Status”

DO NOT… I repeat… DO NOT PM ME.

If you do not provide all the information requested above, it will be difficult to
narrow down your search and may take longer. Since this is no longer
"purely" a Street Fighter comic forum, I will not be checking as often as
I have been before. However, I check my email frequently.

If by chance you placed an order and moved to a different address, we can
not change mailing if the product has already been shipped. Once a product
has been shipped out, it is no longer in our hands. You will have to contact
the shipment company for further information.


Thank you.[/COLOR]

DO NOT ask me to check on your order status if
you JUST made a purchase. ONLY ask for an update
if you have been waiting for more than 8 weeks.

Thank you.

UPDATE: MAY 17, 2007

I have changed the above instructions to EMAIL instead of PM.
Every PM recieved BEFORE May 17, 2007 regarding Club Udon orders
have been noted and sent to the person in charge of sending
out the products.

Since this forum is no longer just for Street Fighter comics,
I will rarely be checking it. Please send your emails to:

I check my email frequently.

If you are emailing regarding Club Udon Orders,
please follow the instructions above.

Thanks folks.