If you're a noob, start going through this tutorial NOW!

Guys, I will be honest. I have been playing fighting games only a year now and I lurk and lurk and lurk and lurk. I know that for playing for a year, I should be much better than the skill that I currently posses.

If you know the EXTREME basics (ie. "how to Hadouken’, common SF notation like QCF, “xx”, “,” or “>”.) then this should be your next step.

I waste so much time trying to learn what pokes are good for what, what combos are good… Let me put it this way: If you don’t know how to apply it, then you’re still just as worthless as before you even knew the combos.

This guy has the best tutorials ever! In all the 100s of pages I’ve read. This guy has answered so many questions in just minutes of my time.

Please sticky this guys info to the Noob forum. This is the type of shit that gets people past the step learning curve of fighting games. This is the kind of teaching that brings more competition to the fighting game scene at a much faster pace.


Definitely. Those tutorials taught me a lot. Especially the parts about momentum. “I’m not gonna rush down on hopes and dreams.” Still watch them from time to time to remind me of some stupid stuff I’m doing.


Agreed far in advance


I completely agree that his tutorials are excellent: this is the reason they’re already stickied in the SF4 Ryu subforum, which is in turn the reason that I don’t think they need to be stickied in the general newbie help forum.

I understand your point but I think they’d have just as much value if not more here.

I agree. These tutorials can help people regardless of what character they use, especially the one about spacing and zoning. I remember back when these was first uploaded, the spacing one helped me to understand, well… spacing :lol:. I was still in the phase where I just wanted to combo people and do flashy stuff.

Yeah his tutorials are great, it’s what I used to learn to play Ryu. My Ryu is pretty terrible, but those videos defiently helped.

I’m a little worried about the first video… encouraging players to mash out DP instead of … blocking and learning to escape pressure safely. Also, patterns aren’t usually good in my opinion… but eh, if it’s helping people, it’s helping people.

Keep in mind, he’s teaching on SF4, where mashing DP can be very effective. :confused: It’s the games biggest fault, an ugly sore most would rather just shrug and move on with. Nothing we can do about it, he just wants to help people out and, sadly, it works.

Mickey D is beast mode. Good and an awesome guy. Good recommendation, Quick Man.

I feel you but the wealth of knowledge otherwise in the videos makes up for it.

This kid was made to be a teacher. He covers all the bases perfectly in 4 10 minute segments to get you going on fighting games. It’s the most efficient Fighting Game tutorial I’ve come across. Much better than lurking forums to try to figure out HOW to play something, which is what can make this hobby so deterring. This guys tutorials get you in to the game and understanding the fundamentals in under an hour.

And what he teaches is stuff that is applicable to to all skill levels. The biggest noob is doing concepts that Justin Wong and Daigo still use and thats what makes the tutorials priceless.

I’d be great if you all could nominate it for the front page.

how does “mashing DP” in this game differ from other SFs? Does the dragon punch have more horizontal range or something?

Block stun in SF4 is less than in many other games, so DPing out of block strings is usually harder than in SF4.

Yep, the lenient inputs, huge window for reversal inputs, and auto-correct are all things that allow mashing DP to have more success in SF4 than in previous games.

It’s just something you’ll have to get used to baiting when playing against characters with a DP until your opponent learns that mashing won’t help them every time.


Input leniency sucks ass, shortcuts can stay but all of the other shit has got to go. I say keep shortcuts because Capcom is trying to appeal to a larger audience a.k.a people playing on pads but I dont think the extra bullshit is necessary.