If you're HAPP-y and you know it, clap your hands!


Obviously, most people here seem to prefer joysticks with Japanese parts from companies like Sanwa. Heck, I don’t think that there’s a company on earth ATM who is making mass-produced joysticks with Happ-style parts, which puts people like me, who prefer rugged the feel of good ol’ American joystick in the minority. So I figured, why not take a roll-call of like minded individuals? If you’re a Happ fan, give a shout out!


i like happ, but mostly for training purposes

it makes using a Jap stick easier since your hand gets used to doing those movements on a heavy spring


what are people’s thoughts on perfect 360s? Do you like them better than ultimate/competition?


My first custom was a Happ competition stick with competition buttons. Shit is inexpensive and can take a beating. Plus, it takes me back to the arcades when I was growing up, so nostalgia is part of why I like it.


I put a Wico 3.5" ball top in my P360 and honest to god it’s the best stick I’ve ever used. More sensitive and more solid feeling than a Japanese stick.


i do love my happ comp joystick. although i cant say i dislike the Japanese parts, i haven’t used any Japanese style sticks except unmodded T5 lol. I’ll let you know if my opinion changes when I do find the time to mod it.

Oh and bat-top all the way :rock:


I absolutely love wico p360s. Happ p360s are the worst joysticks ever. Damn things always have issues reading diagonals.


I’m all over the Happ parts. Don’t dislike the sanwa and other japanese style parts, I just generally prefer Happ comp joystick/pushbuttons.



I like both. I can play on either one, really.


i like happ sticks with sanwa/seimitsu buttons. :smiley:

thats how i make my sticks.


Believe it or not, a lot of top players past and present still play on happs despite the popularity of homoerotic japanese style sticks on the internet.


i used to like them, and i even ordered one for my own stick, but i might regret it later; because it’s optical; it’s very durable [no switches to wear out] BUT, its also harder to find diagonals. so i’m not sure that it’s good for playing charge characters :o

i guess ill find out. havent played on one in a while.


epic post.


a happ dick (excuse me, i meant stick) seems more homoerotic to me. :rofl:


Yup! Happ IL comp stick & competition convex buttons for me. Don’t need anything else.

360’s are so overrated. A competition stick is all you need.

Cherry switches last a LOOOONG time and are cheap/easy to replace when they do go bad.


I’m Sanwasfied with my stick.


use sand paper
rub off actuator to diameter 13,7mm

Persoanly I love WICO joystick, I have all models and amazing thing - all elements is compatible
on my stick I use base from Wico Conical Joystcik and swaping hubs

this is my last custom for friend
and Wico Conical Joytsick with Improved Actuator on II groove (for flat panel)


Damn right! Usually I change into workout clothes, warm up, and do some stretches before I try pushing around a P360, and then I need a shower afterwards.


Growing up in the land of disappearing arcades (northeast united states) I can still remeber when arcades existed and every machine was all HAPP parts. I had no problems whatsoever. I din’t know how the Sanwa bandwagon got rolling but it seems 9 out of 10 people in the forums pledge absolute loyalty to japanese joysticks and buttons.


Competition stick and regular old IL concave pushbuttons for me.