If You're in '09er, before or after, post here!


I think it’s interesting when people start calling others the 09er. I dont know why, but that term was somewhat of a derogatory term to describe the newbie scrubs who joined SRK (or played SF in general, or took SF seriously) since 2009. Usually some of these 90ers do have scrubby, shitty, troll potential personalities that deserve the name 09er.

and I’m posting this in the SFIV thread because, well, they mostly came into the community since Vanilla SFIV in 2009! but hey, not all of the 09er people are bad. It’s just a good chunk of them invaded the forums at the time and they had some irks that the OGs or previous fighting game fans had issues with.

IIRC, SRK pre-2009 had more of the 3S, CvS2, and MvC2 players posting on here and the forum was very different here. People didn’t complain and debate as much on trivial things, balance patches, broken shit, or etc… I used to just see players give advice, talk about strategy and mixups, combos, and post tourney videos or other fighting related videos. The community was much smaller so there was no “average” player base as much as there is now. but this is all hazy memory, not sure so I need other forum members here to confirm if my memory serves right

I mean nowadays you see a troll or some complainer in every section of the comments or threads.

but what else defined an 09er as an 09er? I have no idea, so you guys tell me. Your experiences as an 09er, or your experience as being here before the 09ers showed up!


I play Super Turbo longer than most of you guys were born but I join the forum in 09’. I don’t really give a shit what anyone says.


Apparently you do because you chimed in to say that.


I think I’ve seen you say the same thing a while back before, on another thread, or maybe that was another person.

yes, there are some people who have played for a long time but didnt register to this forum yet. I’m not talking about those ppl. I’m talking about the literal newbies who either 1) only played SF seriously since SFIV or 2) the ones who were completely new to SF in general, cuz they all came in with a different mindset or attitude than the pre-2009 SRK community was aware of at the time.

every now and then you still see a person namecalling an 09er


You do know that there are a lot of high level players who are 09ers right? I know a guy who started playing SF seriously since SSF4 and now he’s one of the best Viper player in Europe, so who the fuck cares honestly.


I’m getting annoyed at mod’s moving things without posting in the thread that they’re moving things. Please stop doing that.


Sorry. It was originally posted in the SF4 section, but isn’t at all SF4 discussion; it appears to be more of a community related question, so I moved it here.

I certainly won’t be heartbroken if you close it.


You know Problem X?


There weren’t as many questions to answer as there weren’t as many people who were super newb new into fighting games posting here. The noobs that tried got blasted by the really troll veterans who would just berate them until they left.

Lot of good info back in the day, but also a lot more shit talking and money matches between OGs. The positive negative rep system was hilarious and scared a lot of people away as you basically were outcasted once you gained too much red neg rep. It was pretty much “warning bad poster here”.


Old 09er tech. I saw it a million times.
There’s a reason why people stopped using that you know.
Doesn’t work anymore son.


I remember the rep system. Someone actually went around giving obligatory neg rep to just about anyone with an '09 account. I know they gave it to me, even stated that it was “obligatory” because I was an '09er. Didn’t matter though since I built a full green rep bar in less than a year, without paying for premium.


I remember old SRK was very quiet and yeah, a lot of the forum users were people who arent new to the scene. there was more tourney oriented fellas too

LOL you smelled them from a while away


So basically the whole forum was GD?


Infiltration is an 09’er.


Doesn’t matter if one’s a “09er” or not. As long as one has a genuine love for fighting games and enjoys playing them, and supports the FGC then they’re cool.


What if they only play the most horrible kusoge imaginable? :stuck_out_tongue:


There is a definitely a negative stereotype associated with “09ers”. Obviously it is considering what is viewed as the typical ‘09er’ rather than pro players like Infiltration and the like. Hard to pinpoint exactly what the stereotype is, but I’ll take a shot.
A typical 09er…

-Cries for nerfs for just about anything that causes them the slightest bit of discomfort
-Rather than look up info themselves, which is often easily found…will make a topic about it
-Has a large ego that doesn’t fit with their level of play or level of knowledge
-Has zero knowledge of fighting games released prior to SF4


I always like to point out that before 09, the derogatory term was “daigo parry scrub” for people who joined after the Daigo parry vid came out. Obviously I was a member of this group. And SF4 speculation threads were essentially dead on arrival :lol:

Presumably when SF5 comes out we’ll be bashing… 17ers?.. 18ers?


That pretty much sums it up. Hahaha.


It would be stupid if they did. Just because you’ve been playing a game since its first installment doesn’t mean you have more purpose for talking about it, new version or not. The FGC wants to be recognized like any other esport, and yet its members shit on newcomers without remembering that they were once new to the scene. I’ve been playing fighting games casually for as long as I can remember, and I just joined the forum this year when I made the decision to try and hit up some tournaments.

I, for one, will welcome newcomers to the forum when SF5 drops.