If you're into arcade gaming in Vegas

I can recommend a couple joints I found on my last trip.

Circus Circus has a pretty sweet arcade, lots of older games and some newer stuff you don’t see outside of Japan often, like F-Zero AX.

The Pinball Hall of Fame is also worth a trip. Tons of pinball machines going back into the 50s, plus some arcade machines in the back.

Address there is 3330 E. Tropicana, Las Vegas.

I believe someone else already mentioned the NY NY arcade? I guess they’re good too, but I didn’t hit em myself.

four queens used to be the shit little arcade but had 3rd strike and mvc2

Ny NY has Tekken 6. I didn’t see MvC 2 anywhere. They used ot have it.

UNLV’s student Union arcade has MvC2,3s,Xmen Vs SF, other games I am forgetting, a plasma tv for free use. But I think they close at 6 pm?

Circus Circus…no clue. haven’t been there in years.

About to head over to Circus Circus tomorrow afternoon with my little bro because he’s never been on the rides there, I can find out more. NY NY has T6, no shit?! Never seen a cab in my life, therefore never played it. I’ll check it out if I have time tomorrow.

-Tha Hindu

Yeah, they have T6. very nice cab, but pricey. Though, Ny Ny arcade has gotten alot smaller with all the renovations they’re going through.

If Circus Circus hasn’t changed in the past 4 years. They have nearly every fighter there. CvS,CvS2,MvC,MvC2,KoF, VF, ect.

I think MGM has an ST machine?

Good to know. I’m letting the SoCal TKN crew know so if they’re down. How much does it cost?

-Tha Hindu


For the person that PM’d me, your box is full. But if you want to get to the circus circus by cheapest means, take the bus aka “deuce” (double decker bus). It costs $5 bucks for a 24 hr pass.

If you are a marvel player, and you are looking for mvc2, then the orleans hotel and casino, if you have time, and you can play it there.

for those that havent touched or seen T6, be prepared for your mind to be blowwnn… or…
youtube is your friend

Yeah, but nothing beats seeing it in person. Youtube quality is shit compared to HD.

-Tha Hindu