IGN not hosting any pool matches?

There doesn’t seem to be space for any pool play matches on the IGN Insider page. I’ve sent a few emails to the editor of the EVO section of IGN and haven’t received anything back.

Does anyone know if they will be posting pool play matches? If not, why not? Didn’t every EVO DVD prior include highlights from pools?

No…they didn’t. It was very rare if they ever did. For Evo DVDs you were lucky if the game featured had semi final matches.

They didn’t have the resources to have something recording matches from every tv during pool play at this Evo. Unless your match got up on the big screen as a pool highlight match you weren’t getting recorded. If they do put up any pool play it’ll probably be just the matches that were played on the big screen. You can technically already watch everything that was on the stream (including the big screen pool matches) but I won’t really get into that here and it’s just as low quality as the matches on the stream.

IGN recorded some big-screen pool matches from SF4, HD Remix, and SC4.