IGN reports SFIV for iPhone

I had a quick search, and found nothing, so here you go…


I just saw this crap. Seriously, wtf. Now if the iPhone can get SF4, why not the Wii?

If MadCatz goes all out and makes a FightStick for the iPhone, they’ll become my new favorite third-party peripheral maker ever.

Coming to an EVO near you!

Please port to psp.

Would love them to make a psp version

On the one hand, controls are bound to be terrible (like most iPhone games; the iPhone is much better suited for slower games like strategy / puzzles or RPGs).

On the other hand, depending on how faithful the port is in terms of game mechanics, it could be an interesting tool for trying out stuff. Like for example, say I’m learning Bison and I want to know what’s the best way to punish a blocked Tiger Knee but I’m nowhere near my Xbox or PS3. Stuff like that can make the game appealing, specially since it’s bound to cost $10 or less.

I’d pay 10 bucks for a pocket (yet barely playable) version of SF4

good to know Capcom is not wasting time for a Super SF4 arcade or a PC port


I concur, more energy could be focused to making it for PSP, but no, the I-phone takes more priority.

My question is, how much more processing power does the I-phone have over the PSP anyway

About negative 9000.

So SSFIV has no PC announcement, and the IV series has no signs of coming to Wii, but IPHONE GUYS WOOO

:confused: "Smart"phones are lame, and “serious” games on them are worse. Why can’t you just have a phone AND portable game system?

You have two pockets :/.

Yeah my first thought on seeing this was “what is this i don’t even”

I’d pay a small amount to have a barely functional pocket SF4, probably because I am a sucker. But…this is poor prioritising from Capcom to say the least. I’m really, really, really hoping that NOTHING they have done for Super has been done with iPhone in mind.

As for being faithful to the console versions, looking at the screenshots I doubt it. Is that…one punch and one kick button I see? And a “special move” button? Hmm.



it’s all about the money… In the modern world, iPhones have more attention than the PSP, thus putting SF for that handheld = more money for capcom.

I’m not going to lie thought SF for PSP would be a smarter idea. I play SFII while I commute to school on an emulator in my DS.

What an economic cop out. :lol:

what a hardcore waste of capcom’s time and resources… like really they couldn’t find anything better for the group of game developers to do than work on a IPhone port of this fighter?

and looking at the control scheme i see 2 huge issue’s: 1) with joystick controls on the face like that all advanced techniques will be pretty much out, good luck doing a tkcs or any of vipers stuff on that thing.

and secondly… where are the 5th and 6th buttons? are they simply removing 2 of the six attacks from the game or? what?

Yeah no one really expected this to be a direct port with just toned down visuals, did they? The game play WILL take a hit.

i think super sf4 will come out on wii if tatsunoko/ssf4 sell well

it’s like the old Alpha gameboy game. Only it dies faster now.

Hopefully since it’s not coming out until March it’ll be a little bit SUPER! :bgrin: Mini-Adon FTW!

I just hope they don’t get a little too big for their boots and remember to price it reasonably.