IGN Top 25 Street Fighters

Thought this was interesting so here you go:


I can see the sakura hate coming

WTF Street Fighter III: 3rd Impact?:rofl:

What? Dudley at 25!? Those gutter trash have no dignity.

IGN needs to stop talking about shit it doesn’t read up on.

IGN is shit. Their Final Fantasy top 25 chars pretty much says it all

ryu numba 1? bet it.

As soon as I read this part, I closed the browser.:shake:

That was me when I saw dudley @ 25

Dudley is gutter trash.

The poll at the end kind of shows how unpopular the SF3 characters really were.

You guys should know by now, how the old saying goes. You cant spell ignorant without “IGN”.

I have absolutely no idea who #1 is. I wonder who it could be. Im going to be so surprised.

Edit: Watch Ign throw one random ass person in the top 10 like Posion just to seem “hip” and “in the know.”

(Street Fighter III 3rd Impact: Fight for the Future)


Now, would IGN do something like that? I mean, really…

#1: Gill! Cuz hes sooo str0ng!!1!!!11”

If Urien is in the list, I just know they will add some kind of lame comment like: “And how humiliating is it to be beaten by a guy in a thong? LOL! We put him at #18 because his Aegis Reflector is so useless.”

IGN used Falcoon’s Street Fighter fanart and credited it to Capcom. That’s real professional. :rolleyes:


lol, I’m gonna quote that everytime someone posts stupid stuff from IGN.

That Ibuki picture looks hot at the very least.

I stopped reading the article when they referred to the ribbon tied around Makoto’s neck as a “headband”. Way to lose more of my respect, IGNorance! :rolleyes: