IGNITION CHICAGO brought to you by Ignite Network RESULTS & SHOUTOUTS

Thanks guys for helping to make this event awesome.

See you on Mondays! I also look forward to planning the next tournament.

Marvel vs Capcom 3

1 Limbo
2 Heroic Legacy
3 BP Amoco
4 Snoffles
5 TuboWare
5 Big Marcus
7 Suiname
7 Brightside
9 Malice
9 Nives
9 IJ Brad Skillz
9 Ronaldo
13 Avj
13 Frankie G
13 Rashad
13 IJ Justice Money
17 SH| Shadow
17 David A
17 Sparta2020
17 Renkou
17 Plainrell
17 Charlezard
17 Sinifid (Forfeited)
17 IJ Killah J
25 FoxHound (Forfeited)
25 OLinkMaster
25 Infinite Troll Roll
25 LuckyD
25 BlueKnight
25 Jazzy Banks 1
25 OBS
25 SH Royal
33 Mjballa
33 Grant L
33 E Super E (Forfeited)
33 ShadowKen
33 IJ Nightwing X
33 Cuba

Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition

1 Big Marcus
2 BP Amoco
3 TuboWare
4 Jeremy W
5 Konkrete
5 Scotty
7 Aki
7 Tactics
9 ShadowKen
9 Avj
9 Curtis
9 LiveReRuns
13 Jimmy V
13 Renkou
13 Brightside
13 Tyler
17 Battousai
17 Jack Cannon
17 No-Land
17 IJ Justice Money
17 IJ TonezLee
17 Brom
17 IJ Nightwing X
17 Rashad
25 Zerostar
25 FoxHound
25 DGKenPlaya
25 SmashingPinatas
25 Charlezard
25 Frankie G
33 Efo
33 Sparta2020
33 OBS
33 Kidd
33 Trojan
33 Yondaime Future
33 OLinkMaster
33 Slayer0
33 Mjballa
33 SoulControl1 (Forfeited)
33 Falconnoclaf

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

1 Tactics
2 Rashad
3 ChinchillaMaster
4 DGKenPlaya
5 Jimmy V
5 Konkrete
7 Plainrell
7 Aki
9 OLinkMaster
9 Falconnoclaf
9 Sparta2020
13 MasterHavik (Forfeited)
13 Tyler
13 OSU Greg
13 SH Royal

Mortal Kombat 9

1 Dizzy
2 Gabe Hernandez
3 Heroic Legacy
4 Moe
5 Adam Anderson
5 BlueKnight
7 Mjballa
9 The Co-Jones
9 MasterHavik
9 Bob Z
9 Suiname
13 Yondaime Future
13 ShadowKen
13 LuckyD
13 IJ Brad Skillz
17 Chaosphere
17 ScottyJ

I was so close to top 8.

That was hella fun, really well run. Nives and CurlyW did a great job making sure everything went quick and smoothly

So shoutouts to the Ignite Staff, Sam, Flavius, and everyone else who i might have missed.

A big thanks to CurlyW, Dark Kakashi, and Konkrete (sorry arcana heart didnt go down).

I also want to thank No-Land, Avj, Suiname, Tactics, Efo, Rickie “Beatchoass”, Super Hiro Hudley, and Havik for bringing equipment.

I didn’t really get to play many games, but I had a lot of fun playing J-money, Frankie, Renkou, Avj, Brightside, Suiname, and Malice. Props to Brightside and Suiname for knocking me out. Sorry if i look really angry when i play! i am actually not haha. I am just in my own world thinking about the game.

big thanks to VGTVNow for streaming.

Also my apologies that the clan battle for Imperial Justice and Something Hardcore didn’t go down. There wasn’t much of a break between things, and I just got sidetracked, as my mind was a bit scattered.

Props to all the winners, and my roommate ChinchillaMaster for getting 3rd in 3s.

I appreciate people traveling pretty far to come to the tournament! See you all soon at Ignite!

So any word on what vgtv is going to with the stream are they just gonna rerun it on their website at random times i wish they could just archive it i really dont want to try to catch it at a random time

That’s my question too. Also me and my friend Jesse have an idea about how you should hold these things.

Wish I coulda made it for 3s.

This was a very awesome experience. Thanks again to everyone who organized it and congratulations to the top players. Wish I could have won more games, but being tied for 17th place isn’t too bad haha

I’d also love to know about the stream footage. I want to watch it to review the mistakes I made in my match.

i talked with VGTVNow and they don’t have a stream archive. they want to be more of a show than just streamers.

Also, did anyone find a ps2 to xbox converter with a blue controller attached to it?

that’s not a good idea. Everyone want catch the show. They need to save it like team spooky does.

awesome event, cant wait for the next!

i understand what they are trying to do but, we as fighting gamers we like to have our stuff readily available i don’t want/ shouldn’t have to wait to see my stuff on the stream they can easily show it on their site and get some advertising for it. I think alot of the people who played on the stream feel this way. Maybe we can reach some kind of common ground but, having to wait for when they decide to show the stream they recorded off of our hard work is unacceptable.

dont you think that is a little bit of an overreaction? if they didn’t help, we wouldnt have had a stream or video at all.

i m sure we can discuss this at casuals tomorrow.

my pics from the tourney. Enjoy.

Yes, because as we all know, once a TV show airs, you can never see it again.

Seriously though, VGTV did a great job covering the event and I was very impressed with everything. As Nives said, we’ll discuss this tomorrow.

We got it in. Had lots of fun. Do it again soon!

Awesome tourney…hope you guys keep another one soon :slight_smile:

I had a great time at this tournament! Can’t wait for the next one.

Shoutouts to everyone who came out and had a good time.
Shoutouts to Big Marcus’s prediction for MvC3 “I have a feeling you will win the tournament today.” “Because Limbo’s not here?” "Exactly"
Big thanks to VGTV Nives Curly and everyone who brought stuff.

GGs to everyone I played.

I need to make it to ignite more often. This place is too good.

VGTVNow.com will be replaying the Ignition Chicago tournament at 5 pm tonight.