Ignorant "critics"

Okay so I decide to take some time to relax, watch some of my TV shows so I take my PS3 to the living room for the 32"HDTV. I put on a show. My brother walks in, sees a maximum of 1 minute, says it’s “weak” and “garbage” and I just flew off the handle. He does this all the fucking time.

I asked him if he saw the whole thing and he said he skipped through parts of it (damn ass lie) and said “it didn’t appeal to me” and then I was like how the hell didn’t it appeal to you if you haven’t seen it? He was like, “it’s my opinion” and I said “you don’t have an opinion because you have nothing to base it on!!”

Oh he’s done it to games too. Everything I play is garbage unless he says it’s not. So apparently my Dragon Age Origins, MGS4, Uncharted, Final Fantasy XIII, Batman Arkham Asylum are all garbage and guess what, he’s had ZERO playtime on either of those games. He doesn’t even have a game system.

This is utter insanity, I don’t even know what to do anymore.

Maybe you should stop watching GARBAGE.

But they *are *all garbage.

EDIT: Damn someone beat me to it…

both added to my ignore list. They may be garbage, but first you gotta watch enough of it to form that opinion the first place. None of you even said why. So how do I really take someone seriously on their opinions when they can’t even FORM one properly?

Sorry man, I skipped through parts of it, and it just didn’t appeal to me. Sorry, but it’s my opinion…

godlike thread

Then stop listening to your brothers opinions.

the thing is I can’t. He’ll either outright say it’s garbage right then and there, or walk into my room and do it. It’s insanity like I said.

You should really stop caring about what other people think. It sounds like you’re brother is just baiting you into a reaction over and over again, and you never learn. You can like something without having someone to verify it for you. Just like what you like because you like it. Simple shit.

Likewise, you can dislike what you dislike because you dislike it. Simple shit. No other reason needed. What you have to do is not get all bent out of shape because someone doesn’t like something. You’ll find that a lot of people say things you don’t agree with it.

Lost - They’re on the island, they’re off the island…the fucking islnd is traveling through time now i heard…honestly, Wtf? I tried getting into it, but after a while i just lost interest.
24 - Seasons 1 and 2 i liked. The beginning of season 3 was OK, but it all went downhill for me from there on.
Battlestar Galactica - Never got into it. It’s hard to watch sci-fi shows for me. The only one i got into, and LOVED was Firefly.
CSI series - Crime drama shows are always so exaggerated. Worse part is that there’s a million different shows all under the same main name…Law and Order, i’m looking at you too.
Smallville - I’ve seen enough of this show to honestly say it’s lame.
Supernatural - Never bothered.
Dollhouse - Always wanted to watch it, never had a chance.
Chuck - Never gave it a try.
The Office - I always liked it. Nothing special though.
Prison Break Kind of like 24. Season 1 was cool, them on the run was even better…then before you know it, they’re all captured again, and in a jail in Panama…come on now!
Caprica new - I honestly don’t know what this is.

Dragon Age Origins - I’ve heard good things, but i was honestly bored as hell when i watched my room mate play. The graphics are ugly though.
MGS4 - I enjoyed my playthrough of it, but honestly it was a dull game. This could’ve been done so much better, but it did have its moments. The ending was pretty good as well. Nothing compared to MGS3, which i think is the best in the series.
Uncharted - Climb, shoot, and jump…All while making smart ass comments. Not gonna lie though, it’s one of the few ps3 exclusives i actually enjoyed.
Final Fantasy XIII - You have this? Eh, it doesn’t look good to me. The only thing i like about it is the black guy.
Batman Arkham Asylum - Scarecrow parts were amazing. The joker taunting you was good too. However it sucked the closer you got to the end, and it was really repetitive. What an anti climactic final boss, and ending.

There…reasons. Alot of games nowadays are more or less the same. Compared to previous generations, they’re definitely shoving shit down our throats, all because it sells.

The thing is normally he doesn’t get a reaction at all. This time however it just pissed me off because he’s done it so many times, he doesn’t do this just for a reaction, he truly believes this shit. So if you do this to him, he’s going to rationalize it normally, I haven’t seen/experienced it so I don’t really know what I’m talking about. But on the flip side, he’ll say it’s garbage just because a lot of people like it (not just the stuff I like, but he’s one of those “if it’s popular, it sucks” kind of people). There’s no way to gain any sort of ground whatsoever.

Living with him is not easy. If it wasn’t for me he wouldn’t even have internet to use. To him, money is evil, which is why he’s never tried to make any. He loves Modern Warfare 2, but won’t get it and a PS3 because he’s anti-materialistic. He’d rather sit there all day and watch anime (anything that has swords, fighting and powers) even more pathetic thing in all of this is that he’s 24 and hasn’t held a job since 2001.

@Radiantsilvergun3 - that’s some good advice right there, I’m doing that shit lol

Kick him the Kidneys the next time he enters your space to talk shit. Be he thinks twice about it next time.

Just here to say BSG was amazing. If you think otherwise, you’re wrong. (and I usually hate science fiction!)