Ignore is Back and in POG Form

Alright guys, something happen that y’all can ignore each other again. As soon as I know who/what let this happen, I’ll make sure to direct you to the people responsible so you can thank them. As for using it:

Alright guys, in order to block (Ignore in the options) users, you have to:

Click on their names and go into their profiles.

On the top right corner, there will be a box that says “member” right below the blue box that says message.

Click on “Member”. This will trigger a dropdown box.

Select “Ignored”

This will trigger a second drop down box which will let you set the amount of time you want to ignore them, from 6 hours to 4 months.

Important note: Discourse has membership levels for “reasons”. If you are unable to see the option, a mod will have to manually adjust your membership level up a bit so you can do it. Just ping me in this thread and I’ll get you guys covered.



Hasn’t it been back? I’ve has neveryoumind on ignore for months now lol

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Its been in a beta and this that and the third.

Who knows when things got updated but at least this is official now.

Ignore each other happily.


there is a different function that didn’t necessarily hide posts. Discourse is wacky.


:pray: up.

Very odd that it’s on a timer. :thinking: Either way. Nice to have it back.

The TL;DR of that is that the Discourse devs don’t understand why two human beings wouldn’t like each other on a forum.

So for a long time they didn’t want to put an ignore function because they wanted to promote active communication and dialogue.



They’ve obviously never met some of the people we get here.


Wow…are they like new to social media?

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Pretty sure they don’t even go outside and interact with real people, much less people online. Half the shit they do makes no sense lol.

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Ignore is back? Sweet!

(winks at DarkSakul, Stuart, and Radiantsilvergun3. Truly, a trifecta of shameless internet assholes that post no content of value).

Actually i’m being partially sarcastic. Ignore feature has been working great for a while now, and i have not had to look at anything those jokers post for quite some time. But i welcome any improvements.

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Look at the pot calling the kettle.


Look at this bitch boi, claims to have me on ignore but won’t keep my name out of his mouth. Living in your head space rent free. Even on other boards like tech talk dudes got my my name coming out of his mouth even tho I’m apperantly on ignore.

What an embarrassment you are.


Whoa! Haha. That didn’t take long for me to come back and find, “2 Hidden Replies” to my post. No doubt from the morons i mentioned earlier. I can only imagine them spewing their unique brand of oral diarrhea at me, and it’s that behavior that got them Blacklisted to begin with.

But hey, if you guys play your cards right, you MIGHT be able to bribe another SRK’er to follow your dumb asses around and “quote” everything you say. In the hopes of “bypassing” the ignore function, so that i might see it. Spoiler alert though: I’ll just put that person on ignore too. Sorry, you can’t win.

Ignore feature is OP, yo :grin:

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Don’t need to bribe anyone, I’ve already got your baby shit ass dropping my name all over this website. “I have you on ignore but keep talking about you constantly. I win haha.”

Pussy bitch has to use the ignore feature and travel to other boards to talk shit about me.

What a joke.


Why you such a bitch tho?


And once again we have “2 Hidden replies”. Probably by the same guys and that’s just sad.

Not surprised, they are slow learners. Again, it’s this behavior that got you guys blacklisted. Now i don’t have to look at your crap anymore lol. Deal with it :rofl:

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YES! That means I’m ignored by AlphaSharty :joy:

Probably because I made fun of him for spending 2X the MSRP on the NES Mini… TWICE :rofl::rofl:

Fuckin dumbass :joy::rofl::rofl:


Dude for real. I bought 2 of them months after that for 25 bucks a piece hahahahaha.

It is quite the honor to have made it on bitch bois ignore list while knowing he talks about me on the website rather often. You can use the ignore feature all he wants but I’m still clearly up in dudes head regularly.


I also doubt he has us on ignore, or if he does he can’t help but uncollapse our posts making his use of the ignore function useless. How else would he know we are talking about him, right?

Double hilarious.


Ignore only works if you actually never expand the hidden posts.
But continue what you are doing, I find it hilarious.

Getting blacklisted by Alphacharlie, oh the humanity (LOL).

I wonder how many people you can put on ignore, and what would Alphashat would do when his Ignores expire.

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