IIDX controller replacement buttons?

Hey guys. I didn’t know where else to look for this. I checked the Bemani Style forums but haven’t gotten a lot of help there either.

I have a controller for a PC rhythm game (it’s sort of like IIDX) called DJ Max Trilogy. The controller for it is virtually the same as a Beatmania IIDX controller.

One of the buttons is starting to malfunction. I haven’t taken it apart to look yet but it only responds maybe 20-25% of the time, which, in a rhythm game, is pretty annoying.

Does anyone know where I can get replacement buttons for this type of controller?

You got the Muse-On Controller?
Very cool.

Figure you’re not talking about the arcade style IIDX controllers (DJDAOs, etc…), and are talking about the Konami branded home controllers (J-KOC, US-KOC)…

Honestly your best bet might be to find a used iidx koc for spare parts… I could see if I have one to spare…

I believe he is talking about this controller.

Although it looks like you can, I’ve seen a lot of people say you can’t replace the Muse On buttons with any off-the-shelf buttons. You can tweak it with different microswitches and springs though.

I’m pretty sure they can be replaced. I’ve seen videos and pictures of it (along with one with some cool mods like having the keys light up arcade-style when you press them). I don’t know how much work it will be but as it is the controller is practically unplayable.

JDM if you know anything I could use your expertise!

Or anyone else, of course.

I’ll check after work and see where I read about the MuseOn modding, I could be mistaken.

Are the buttons in the MuseOn completely self-contained? Or is the black bezel around the buttons part of the MuseOn? If that’s the case, you could mod it similar to installing Sanwa buttons in a KOC. Basically grind the faceplate’s bezels flat, widen the KOC button holes to accept a Sanwa key, remove the box area that’s inside under the original keys, knock out a hole in the bottom of the key panel and controller, and attach the controller to some wood or something (since the keys’ bottoms will be sticking out). Wiring can go a few different ways, but for lights, if you use a separate power supply (you need to on a KOC since there’s not enough current from the PS2 to power all 7 Sanwa key 12V LEDs at once + the controller, even if using one USB port for separate power) you can use a small circuit with two diodes to block the LED power supply from interfering with the KOC’s PCB, and to make the buttons light up of course.

If putting new buttons in a MuseOn is similar to doing it on a KOC, it will definitely be a weekend project. I’ve almost finished my Sanwa modded KOC, it took a lot of work to get it where it is now, you can see it here near my horrible ugly ghetto ASC lol, which definitely didn’t take very much work: