IIX 20th Anniversary @ The Heart of Gaming (London, 22nd-23rd Februrary 2014)


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Full info/accommodation/rules - http://www.grandmasterchallenge.com/?p=483

Event Summary
Date: 12:00 Saturday 22nd February through to 22:00 Sunday 23rd February 2014
Location: The Heart of Gaming, 10A Cullen Way, North Acton, London, NW10 6JZ
Venue Entry Fee: £10 per day or £15 for the weekend

It’s Super Turbo’s birthday and you’re all invited – and yes, there will be cake! (but please sign up to the facebook event so we know how many to expect)

It is with great pleasure that we can announce a 2 day tournament at the Heart of Gaming dedicated to Super Turbo in celebration of the game’s 20th anniversary. The event will run from 12:00 Saturday through to 22:00 Sunday on the 22nd and 23rd of February, with Sunday being the day of the 20th anniversary!

Join us for a weekend of Super Turbo on six Versus City head to head cabinets as players from all over the UK visit London’s Heart of Gaming to show their love and support for the game that defined a genre, has given us many memorable moments and has also made us many new friends along the way.

The IIX 20th Anniversary weekend is shaping up to be one of the biggest Super Turbo events in the UK with players coming from all over the country and even from Ireland, France and Germany! It goes to show just how dedicated Super Turbo players are, and it is why we love running these events.

We will be holding five different tournaments over the weekend with three of them in the style of X-Mania, Gamespot Versus and Tougeki SBO as an homage to some of the greatest Japanese Super Turbo/2X tournaments; a special 3 VS 3 England Vs Germany event for our international players and of course not forgetting our usual double elimination tournament to mark Super Turbo Sunday VI and the end of the second season. Check out the line up below!

Saturday 22nd February 2014
14:00 – Solo 3 on 3 (X-Mania style)
Players pick three characters. Duplicate characters are allowed, and the order the characters are used does not matter. The player must stick with the three elected characters for the whole tournament.
18:00 – HOG VS GMC – (Gamespot Versus style)
Members of the Heart of Gaming and Grand Master Challenge will act as team captains and form two large teams. Team members are to be selected randomly. The team captains decide the player order.
19:00 – 3 VS 3 England VS Germany
3 players will be selected randomly to represent England and face off against our German friends, Wand Feurer, Steve from da East and Planet RV in a classic East VS West battle. Best of 3 decides the winner.

Sunday 23rd February 2014
14:00 – Solo Double Elimination (Super Turbo Sunday VI)
Double elimination, best of 5 for all stages of the tournament with best of 7 for grand finals
18:00 – 2 VS 2 Single Elimination (Tougeki Super Battle Opera style)
A1 fights B1, A2 fights B2, in the case of a draw, the winners of each match play eachother. Players may use duplicate characters. Player order can be changed. Players must stick with one character for the whole tournament
19:00 – First to five exhibition (Top 3 rematches)
Players who places top 3 during the weekend may challenge eachother to a first to five set which will be streamed. If there are no takers, then the stream will be available for free play.

View our website for full rules and information

We will be running the event using CPS2 Super Street Fighter 2X. We will aim to keep between 2 and 4 cabinets free for casuals throughout the weekend, and we also have a UD CPS2 modified arcade board available for people who wish to use an Xbox 360 or PS3 pad or stick.

If you would like to run a side tournament using the UD CPS2, please let us know!


you’re like the UK-Kuroppi. That’s awsm !


I’ll be there !


is any youtube videos of it? I guess it was awesome.