ILIAS 3S Tourney


Fun tourney, 12 people turned out, DOUBLE our last amount!!:lol: :lol:

  1. Jim “Shin Hugo” LaPointe (Hugo, Alex, Ken)
  2. Rodney “CHICAGO grappler baki” Belcher (Chun li, Ryu)
    3)Braiden “Yoshi” Jadol (Yun)
  3. Eric “Fierce Punch” Collazo (Ken)
  4. Tie - Anthony “Rising Dragon” Eddings (Ibuki)
    Kris “UNKNOWN/ENTITY” Wals (Ryu)

Thanks to the indiana/columbia people for making it out!! We’ll be having another one (possible 3S/CVS2) in a couple weeks. Hope you all can make it out again!!


Good Job! Where was Tony and D? So was it a hard to win or was it pretty easy with Hammer Frenzy!:cool:


D is still in mexico (should be back real soon), and tony is gay. He had to work at 4, and tourney started at 1, so he couldn’t make it. Yoshi, Kris and Rodney all put up really good fights. Rodney had me beat 2-0 in finals, until I busted out the TIMBERLANDS !!:lol: :lol: Alex is almost as much fun as Hugo.

Another tourney in 2 weeks…I will make a poll for the games to be decided in the midwest apex forum. Top 2 votes will get tourney.


GPACC representn’ too bad i couldnt go but i will try and make the next one


Not sure about it…

I think in some small way, Tony was afraid. Maybe he fears the stomping that you gave the rest of us?!?!?!


Somehow, I don’t think so…
Tony had me & eric beat the night before like 20 games to 1.
I’m sticking with my “Tony is gay” reasoning.

GGX free tourney results:
We decided to throw a free GGX tourney after 3S, but couldn’t finish due to the building closing. WE HAD 2 MATCHES LEFT!!! BLAH!!! This resulted in a 3-way tie.

1)Jim “Shin Hugo” LaPointe (Potemkin, Millia, Faust)
1)Kris “UNKNOWN/ENTITY” Wals (Chipp)
1)Victor ?? (forgot last name, don’t have sign up sheet with 'em on it…sorry) (Jam, ?? forgot rest of chars you played)
4) Ron ?? (same thing) (Sol)
5)Tie - Eric Collazo (Sol/Kiske)
Danny (eric’s brother) (think Sol…can’t remember)

All I gotta say is VOTE GGX for the next tourney!! This was really, really fun, and I would not mind holding a full tourney (prizes and all) for this. I’ll post the poll sometime tonight.


Thanks man. Two games is usually enough considering the people that own the building are sometimes weird and want to go home early…building was supposed to be open 'til 10pm on sunday…we got kicked out at 5.

Anyways, I’ve decided to make 3S the main event from now on. Everyone seemed pretty happy with the way it went, and I think it’s time for chicago to get better at this awesome game. Tenative date for the next tourney will be Saturday, August 24th. Again, I expect DOUBLE the turnout for the next tourney. If we can get a 24 man 3S tourney going, that would most definately prove the game is not dead here. I’m going to post a poll right after I’m done with this post; in the midwest apex section. The poll will be for the secondary tournament, run alongside 3S. 3S will still be a $5 entry, secondary tourney will be a $2 entry. Hope everyone can make it out again, and BRING YOUR FRIENDS!!! I will keep you posted as soon as I know more.


Okay yall cannot be letting Jim win at 3s. I know you must feel sorry for him (being weak and all) but you have to suck it up and really play. So please stop letting Shin Hugo win at 3s. That is all


:lol: :lol: :lol: Jackass.

Next time we go to omaha, I want you first round.

P.S. - your elena smells like tuna.


Well bring your funky asses next time. I am sure Jon will let us fight first round. You cant handle my funky tuna bitch.


Next up on the left 3rd strike machine, Kris G. and Jim L. :smiley:


Damn just got back today…well im thinking of throwing a tourney in 2 weeks at Nickel City. BTW who are these random people playing 3s Jim. How discraceful letting tony win so many games. I played today Jim with eric and tony. We are probably gonna get together tomorrow if u are interested Jim.



In best Homer Simpson voice, while shaking fist “DOO IIT (hold the tourney that is :wink: )!!”