I'll be taking requests

i’ll be taking some requests…


  1. no real pics
  2. go easy on the heavy complex animations (for me, this means more than one animation at a time…)
  3. supply pics if you want something specific (example… THIS EXACT PIC OF AKUMA… supply it… or… “a pic of akuma”, and i’ll be creative)

if you want some stick art / wallpapers / banners / sigs, etc… tell me






http://gamefaqs.servebeer.com/m1x4h/avatar/arz2003.gif - ARZ
http://gamefaqs.servebeer.com/m1x4h/avatar/psychomistress.gif - PSYCHOMISTRESS

You think you can probably make me an avatar out of this picture? Anything whould be fine :tup:

Yeah, I was wondering if you could make an avatar with the fluffy mog thats flying up and down to the left and the dancing maid right next to him on the right. Make 'em on a table, nice flashy glowing colors too. Yeah, but don’t put my name on it. Hope that isn’t too complex.

hello there if possible can you make a n - groove with guile kim & ken



BIG BAD MOG… sorry

irish… sure

wall paper

can i get a wallpaper the these 2 pics

the bg size is 1024*768
can u make an ill bg

Hi, awhile back I had Seth do me up some stick arts, but I just realized that they was one huge error in one of them. Can’t get a hold of him so I was wondering if you could make me some stick art.

I wanted Ryu on the bottom left facing right. Dominantly black with limegreen designs. The stick will be all black with limegreen buttons/joystick. Then if it’s not too much trouble, reverse the picture and replace Ryu with Ken for my 2p stick. If you wanna throw in some matching Ryu/Ken sprites that would be cool. But whatever you think is stylish though.

Thanks if you take the request, and if not keep up the good work.

EDIT: Thank you Zwei_Fuss for being so generous with the profile pics.

It’s alright.

automatic. those pics are really hard to clean up. i’m not that good yet. sorry

jiorn. i’ll do yours one at a time.

if anybody has a sprite of KIM KAPHWAN from CvS2 (not the KOF one), i NEED IT for irish whip


Thank you!!! :bgrin:

You can put your sn on them if you want too. They are gonna be the artistic center piece of my gaming center afterall.

Alright cool thanks! :tup:

i dont mind if its from the kof games so longs i have a avatar i look useless without 1

thanks m1x4h

irishwhip, check at top

M1x4h! Its Jive Turkey Jones. I need an av, can you make me one thats original and has something to do with third strike? Be creative its up to you.

PLz man can u make me a Kim Kaphwan avatar plz i did like 5 threads but no one has responded its taking forever. Can you make me a Kim Kaphwan avatar with him in his blue/black costune with him doing his taunt, where hes raising his hands from CvS2. No text in it plz, for the background have it like black with some tight ass blue stuff on top of the black plz, i hope thats simple.

I have a sprite can u just replace it for mine.

PARROT: check the top fool

kidkapwaan: check the top

i’m done taking requests for a bit. getting back into school. so once i get settled, i’ll start up again. this was really good for the practice.

i’ll make jiorn’s stick art as soon as he gets back to me

and that, i’ll PM or IM to him… so lock this if you want rei

jus 2 little things m1, no text in it(lettering) and if his suit could be all blue/with black sash then that would be awesome the rest is great

are these good?