I'll Beat Ya to Death- The Balrog combo thread



it’s about damn time someone made a combo thread for the Rog.but first im going to describe how your going have to juggle with. for starter balrog’s cr.mp will only link it is the second attack after a knockdown. if you use ex dash low smash follow up with turnaround-punch you can only do1 cr.mp and have to cancel to a special or super
BASIC BnB’s Off of a crouching lp(charging down back) cr.mk , cr.mp (release up and start charge down back) mp buffalo head, cr.mp ( release forward) hp dash straight for a round 300.

Off of a jump hp on standing opponent(charge back) st.hk , cr.mp (release forward diagonal) all three kicks hold EX dashlow smash, release all three kicks turnaround after second wallbounce cr.mp heavy straight punch. 400 one meter.

off a launcher tag (charge back) cr.mp (Release Forward)k ,dash upper, jp.hp for 230 scaled.
if you have any other combos just add on to the thread****


Good stuff. Recently picked up Balrog. I’ve gotten the timing down for wallbounce turn-punch but the Cl.HK,cr.MP link is still giving me trouble. I’m hoping Balrog is one of those characters that is kinda weak at release but gets a significant buff in a balance patch.


counter hit standing hp> turn punch(you can combo final here if ur lucky)> light head butt> dash upper> dash sweep. this works better if you have a partner, but can very well be used alone.