"I'll Cut You!" Labrys Combo Thread


This thread is specifically for Labrys combos.
Things to do when listing a combo:

  • Tell Axe Level Required(If combo can be done on all, state so)
  • List the Damage(If damage ranges due to Axe Levels do ?-?)
  • List the Cost to do the combo(Meter, Burst, etc)
  • Tell if it has to start a specific way(Counter Hit, Wall Bounce, etc)

Now list away all the combos you’ve done(that actually work)! lol


Throw-> OMC-> 5A-> 2B-> 214Bxx236236C or D->(if C version)OMB-> 214Bxx236236D
Red Axe or Yellow Axe(Because you’ll be in Red by the end of the combo)
7200-7842 Damage
100 Meter(If end at first Super)/150 Meter, Full Burst(If done to completion)


2AA-> 5B-> 2A+B-> 214A
All Axe Levels
1000-1900 Damage
No Meter
The basic BnB for Labrys


5AA-> 66xx5A-> 2B-> JB-> JC-> 214B
Yellow And Above
2000 or so…
no meter
One of the basic BnB for Labrys