I'll do 3 avatars


ok i decided i’ll do 3 sprite avatars, no team av’s only 1 sprite per request.

and no i’m not making this thread jus cuz TM is down :stuck_out_tongue:

oh and don’t worry MC & Orange i won’t use anyone else’s style :stuck_out_tongue:

request away


Will you do one for me?even tho iv’e requested from SK?but it’s for another site bro.


Could you make me one with lilith? this as a background and the lilith sprite? whichever sprite you think is good is aight.

im only asking him if he can use that as the background, the lilith sprite is still gonna be the main attraction.


he said hes only going to do sprite avatars…


hey tmt can you make me an avatar of say…akuma?


Obey the two week rule, son.


yo tmt my home boy referred me to you can you do me a av with this pic. take your time and please p.m. when your done if you accept this.

p.s. He told me you got skills make it dark and gothic :smiley: :cool:


who me?


how about a Q av?


tonbarry - sure i’ll make you one

Dios <-X-> - sorry man but i like to be creative with my art, i make my own backgrounds

monkeyspank - sure

CLIVE - yeap i got you

Saz - well i only have time for 3 cuz i have work, but if i find time to squeeze you in then sure

no more requests until i say so :smiley:


thats ok, you can make your own background if you want too. the background pic was only a request. you dont have to use it if you dont wanna.


here you go monkeyspank, enjoi! :stuck_out_tongue:


i’ll only be able to do 1 a day cuz my job really tires me out, then i have to study for school and shit…so i’m worn out by the time i get to work on anything


thanks man.


It’s all good dawg. Take your time:cool:


ok i lied :stuck_out_tongue:

was able to finish yours before i go to take my finals


enjoi! :smiley:


SIckneSs thanks homie:cool:


Alright man,do me one with this sprite then.




Wow, Clive’s avatar is hot TMT, great job on that.



hey since our bday is on the same day can i get one lol