I'll do 3....no more


Well like it says… i’ll take 3 req.

1 - provide the pictures you want used

2 - be patient, i work and can’t make avs all day

3 - be specific but give me room to change the idea a little

4 - no team avs.







  • Req Status - closed

  • KiWu -


Mystic -




Sixty -



hahaha love that chun li and ken one…to good:lol: …nice work also man.i see your doing some av’s now.


got some web work comming up so i need to play in ps again



Can you use the above pic, but when he reaches out have the attachment be coming out of his hand but change it to say kidwu? It can be up to 40k because of the premium status, if that is too hard just the pic above would be fine. Thanks if you take the time to try this. :cool:


Let me know what you think… had to do a little tweeking to get it under the limit


is there anyway to make the logo stand out more? If not its cool as is. Thanks a bunch.:cool:


Sup. I like your work. That mario one is too good. Can I get one of k9999 using this picture? Can the background be a creepy dark red? With my name in goth type writing (almost like slashes on the screen) somewhere on it.

Oh and It can be done (not saying you have to do it) but I used to have one, which looked pretty good.


Any possible way I could get one made like you did the Hulk one, but with Juggs?


Good stuff.


simple fix… corrected - see above

Mystic - I’ll get started on it…

Sixty makes 3


:cool: thanks again and for the quick fix :cool:


Mystic… see above… had to shrink it but i can do a better run if your not happy


Its kool, but think you can make the background color a little darker? I want it to look evil ^_^.


yea i’ll work on it some more… no worries


Mystic… see above


Hmmm its good. Not gonna complain cuz thats messed up since your doing this out of your time. Its koo thanx! ^-^


Sorry for intruding in your thread Cham

Anyways just to let you know 60mhz dont link off to gamegen.com i think theres a rule against that… or something like that

also good stuff Cham


well keep in mind… your version of evil is different than mine… unles you explain then i don’t know… explain and give some examples… i’d rather do it the way you want…

AD - no worries…thanx for givin him the heads up.


oh, didnt know.



still working on your… havent finished it b ut i know the pic it was… i should have it finished tonight


^ ^

Just take your time.