I'll do 3


ya i have some time to kill, so ill take 3 requests.

Waiting List.

  1. LZJ
  2. Sephiroth_KMFDM
  3. Archangel_Ryu

Pick Up.





make me an avatar with johnny from GGXX and LZJ on it also. thanks buddy.


Sabertooth from XvsSF / MvC2
I’m a fan of Sabertooth so anything is great :slight_smile:
Please put “Sephiroth” in the avatar somewhere.

Thanks for your time. I’m pumped about seeing the finished art work


would it be posible for you to make one of Ryu, Ken, and Kyo from SVC Chaos and put the SVC Chaos logo on it sink it all you need. oh and my Name Archangel_Ryu on the please please, your the man. thanks.





arch… your next. give me a few days.


ill get started right now arch.


yo let me get an av with magnus, ryu, and sol badguy. thanx :slight_smile:


did you ser the topic… it said id do three… and besides youre an av whore… so screw off.


how am i an av whore whats does that even mean that i like avatars yeah your right i do like avatars just like everyone else who request em.


um…I bet they don’t even know you made their avatars since you haven’t posted yet.:confused:

So um…bump…?:smiley: